last night I dreampt

not that I went to Manderley again, but of the coals in the grate in the fire. . .

they are those fake ceramic ones you have in a gas fire of real effect. . . when I bought the house I think I recall breathing a sigh of relief that the fire was in fact fake and not real - I'm too lazy to be lugging sacks of coal and bags of logs backwards and forwards, emptying the ash from the grate, having the chimney swept and so on

I might be recalling that wrong, as I can't really remember big chunks of last year - but I probably thought something along those lines, as there is a time and a place for a real fire (retirement, my cottage by the sea) (not in this house, right now)

(and obviously my thoughts are with the people of Victoria who've had far too close a brush with a real fire recently)

anyhow, this morning the reason I'm thinking about all of this is because last night I dreampt of the fire place, the (fake) coals and the chimney breast. . .

all of which were covered
with inches and inches of soot

as indeed they might be. . .

but - dear reader - what does it mean?


Dave said...

Soot is good for the roses.

I, Like The View said...

I don't have any roses, more's the pity

lots of bamboo, lavender and a few olive trees on the roof; herbs in window boxes and seasonal planting in some hanging baskets in the courtyard

but no roses. . .

Mel said...

It means it's time to clean the fireplace bricks?

Time has a way of leaving a layer of stuff--so now it's about getting down to the brick and mortor of what gives the fire life.

Howzat? :-)

I made that up ya know!
Not bad for the first pot of coffee, eh? *laughing*

Mel said...


And I don't have roses either.

Just sayin'....

Rimshot said...

Why does is have to mean anything?

katherine. said...

It means the dust has settled perhaps.

I don't know. I'm not sure if all dreams mean something.

I understand it'd be great to think we could interpret and translate what happens in our brains during sleep to give us insight into some untapped corner of our subconscious.

but...I dunno.

No roses here either...but the daffodils are out!

Mel said...


*happy sigh*

What a beautiful sight for promises of spring!

(((((((( katherine ))))))))

<-- has rain!

Not snow! Wooooohoooooo!!!!!

Rimshot said...

<--- is unable to identify flowers by sight.

Anonymous said...

Like Life, dreams can mean whatever you choose them to mean. Ooh! Aren't I being inscrutable. A cross between Yoda and Confuscious.
Perhaps you had the bushfires in mind when you fell asleep. I know I did!

mig said...

I think it means you're worried that you ought to be doing all that wood hauling and fire cleaning even though it's not necessary.
Really though, you don't have to. It's ok not to have to do it.