a feast of Friday for my friend

starters. . . vegan stuffed mushrooms

a side of salad

the main. . . vegan nut roast

to finish. . . fresh fruit salad

a little later. . . vegan chocolate covered strawberries

and vegan chocolate fairy cakes? why ever not!



Vicus Scurra said...

I am deeply honoured by your kindness. (Only the cruel would point out that I am literally and metaphorically a "salad dodger").
I recommend these comestibles to all of your readers.
May your okra flourish.

Rimshot said...

Nut roast again?!?!? ;-)

Mel said...

<-- laughing at shot

Oh, you did very well!

And today, I was gifted with muffins made with almond flour, zuchinni and carrots.

Awwwwww....aren't people really cool?!
Still......didn't stop me from growling at the staff who were eatin' pizza in front of me.

k....I don't particularly LIKE pizza but BOYYYYYY did it smell wonderful.....

If Vicus is dodging salads, yesthankyou, I'll take the dodge. I'm all about the peapods! :-)

Dave said...

I've been eating salads for my main meal of the day for the last few days. It's a general health thing, as well as needing to lose a stone (in more ways than one). In fact I haven't eaten any meat for over a week. I'm not a fanatic about it though (unlike Vicus).

I, Like The View said...

I really only eat salad these days - I love it

especially salad with peapods. . .

altho I do like salad with parmesan. . .

and I quite like salad with pine nuts. . .

and salad with balsamic. . .

I, Like The View said...

oh, sorry, got carried away

Vicus, my pleasure - and please don't worry about the salad (I know you're not)

shot I happen to like nut roast

Mel pizza does smell good, but I bet those muffins tasted delicious

Dave hope the regime works for you

Mel said...


The muffins were GREAT!

After doin' this gluten free jazz for a bazillion years......

k..it only FEELS like a bazillion years--but you know what I mean....

katherine. said...

festive friday feast

never tried nut roast.

salad with balsamic is pretty wonderful.

personally I would have had the pizza with the muffins for dessert.

happy friday all

Mel said...


Smartie pants. :-P


But I'm having chicken korma tonight....g'head and drool.

Dave said...

It's Saturday now. Can we have some nice sausages?

I, Like The View said...

I don't think you need my permission Dave. . .

Mel yum! (glad the muffins were good)

katherine happy Saturday now


mig said...

I think on Friday I ate wedding breakfast! With champagne.
Now if only I'd been able to come here I could have had something less excessive and healthier but it would have been rather a long way.