via TYPE and FONT to WORD

I've always quite liked good old fashioned typewriter courier. . .

and I've always really really liked letraset transfers and sticker alphabets and I used to especially like those hand-held label-printing machines. . .

I think I might have to go to a stationery shop today and buy one, for my FOUR letter WORD project. . .


Mel said...

Ohhhhh......NOW ya haffta find the cord to the camera.

We have one of those lable makery thingies around here somewhere.

Odds are you'll find a cord before I find that thingy....

Oh, I like projects!

I, Like The View said...

I am absolutely determined to do that by the end of next week

I'm going to take the camera to the shop, get new batteries, buy the right cable

and start taking proper photos again!

(then will also share the beach finds lamp!)

Mel said...

I, on the other hand--have no clue where the label makery thingie is.


No 'but'.
That's a three letter word--unless we're talking body parts and that butt's a four letter word.

Is butt a rude word?

zIggI said...

pate (acute accent needed)

I, Like The View said...

I think BUTT might be, Mel


now we NEED to compile a LIST (that's not RUDE) of associated words!

brilliant ZigZ. . . I might need a few 3 or 5 letter words in the margin to show me how each one links to the next. . .


(I think this is going to drive me mad eventually!) (but in a fun way!!)

katherine. said...


I CAN'T KEEP track of which FOUR letter words we HAVE USED and which we haven't...there needs to be SOME SORT of LIST

except for BUTT...that one I remember...

katherine. said...

I always try to have a label maker at home...and one at work


Mel said...


k....that's probably AS rude as 'butt'.
It's four letters!
'Derriere'. There--muchly different cuz of more letters!

Still rude. LOL

Yeah, yeah...figures THE only one she called up was the rude one!

I, Like The View said...

thanks Mel - I think I refer ARSE to BUTT. . . !! (believe me, there are all sorts of those words that I wouldn't be sharing here. . .)

Katherine I'm going to group them in grids (with perhaps other words in the margin, if an explanation is needed)