less power than was needed

not only is my mobile on the blink, but my broadband connection too

I don't rely on either of them - noone really ever texts or calls me and I can always go to an internet cafe, can't I?
however when the person who does text is Mini-Teen and she needs something and when I don't reply and she phones and I don't even realise my phone is playing up, that's a tad annoying
and when the internet seems irretrievable from the ether that exists between my laptop and wherever the internet actually comes from, and this happens when The Teen's not here to sort it out for me, that's a tad annoying
weird, how one comes to depend on these things - to "need" them in one's life in order for one's life to function at the degree that one is used to it functioning at - and when they are suddenly not there, to find that one is more than a tad annoyed
can one be "more than" "a tad"? I wonder if "tads" are incremental - if they were, on a scale of one to ten for example, I'd say that if normal service hadn't resumed itself - thank you chosen deity on my behalf, please, it was nothing to do with me - I'd probably be eight-out-of-ten tads* annoyed
*not much really. . .
. . .in the big scheme of things
but I'm glad everything is back to normal
(whatever that is for me)


Mel said...

Yup......thinkin' the text wouldn't bother me in the least--although it would the girl.

HOWever--definitely an 'eight outta ten tads' on the internet connection loss.....maybe even a NINE!

katherine. said...

ah ha!

now I understand the previous tad comments...

no texting would be "...eh...need to try and fix this..."

no internet makes me start to hyperventilate...panic...cold sweats...

I, Like The View said...

ladies - I'm so glad of it, however else would I have met you two!