I'm not going to make a habit of using

someone else's words* here, but. . .

if this: "if you have been spending a lot of time with friends and family, it's crucial for you to check in with yourself today; you may be more than ready for a mini-retreat, even if it turns out to be only a few hours of quiet time at home; although you may be tempted to start a new project, it's more important now to finish up whatever is left undone so you'll be ready for what comes up next week" is the horoscope for one-twelfth of the population I wonder if the other eleven-twelfths also had something vaguely referring to those things beginning with R that I don't do. . .

(ooh look! that's me!
top left hand corner. . .
where are you?)
(I digress)

what do you think?
(about the predictability of these things)
let's waste neither your time nor mine and skip on,
shall we)

of course, the fact that the children went off yesterday to XCH's and I'm having a forced retreat from them (not from friends - you're all here, right?) is additional to the fact I have a huge list of things not yet done on a to do list that I wrote somewhere on the back of an envelope and lost fairly soon afterwards. . .

shame I'm not a water feature really. . .

. . .otherwise I could have the perfect excuse for a mini-retreat to a bath with lots of hot water (because The Teen didn't get it first) some lovely smelly gunk, some bubbles and a dozen or so candles. . .

sorry, digressing again. . .

(and various other lists on various other pieces of paper, some of which are in journals - they are my favourite kind of list, the ones that stay put where they are supposed to) (unless you mislay the journal, of course) (or look back at it later and can't read your own writing)

oh, my mind is
all over the place
this morning

and what's coming up next week?! are the horoscope people promising me something fun and exciting - which would make a change from the more tedious proposition of addressing The List, that is the currently unfinished household chores and tasks (the present ones listed being the damp, the electrics, the bookcases - lack thereof, the four sets of curtains that need making, the central heating, the leaking faucets, the remaining decorating, the ever-widening cracks in various ceilings, oh look my pen has just run out of ink)
now I know that some people would relish that list of tasks - with gusto! how exciting! all those householdy things that need fixing that I can get my hands onto. . .
only I can't get my head around it - The List, that is. . . I need to take a long look at myself and perk up a bit. . .

here goes


(oh dear)
(probably just as well)

and I still have to take down the Christmas decorations. . .
*exhausted sigh*
so, what's the best thing to do
in a situation like this?

make some coffee!


(*excluding song lyrics, of course)


Mel said...

Ohgosh....I think I still have that tenth step journal that's absolutely unreadable....

Why I held on to that for years, I'll never know. k...I'll haffta give thought to that....

Yaknow, I was never real keen on list writing. Heck, I lose the sticky notes ALL THE TIME.
But I did get a book of lists from someone at one point.....it was kinda cool--I oughta see if I can find that book.

Mel said...

AFTER more coffee, of course.

<-- will put it on the list for today. LOL

Mel said...



<-- hasn't made a list

Mel said...


WILL make a list.

But you can't make me do sick'em on it.

I, Like The View said...

I too am in need of more coffee

(one day I'll get around to something that's been on one list or another for ages - "find the camera cable" - and show you my cup!)


good morning to you, dearheart


Dave said...

Not that I believe that 1/12th of the population are like me - for am I not unique? - but those who suggest those born under a certain star sign have certain qualities suggest that I should be the sort who is organised and makes lists and deals with them, as I do.

I've also enjoyed being in a new house, and having DIY to do. A considerably newer house than yours though, so not dismal tasks that some of yours appear to be.

*Takes off waistcoat, rolls up sleeves and picks up toolbox*

I, Like The View said...

Dave you just caught me - I'm off to buy a toolbox! (and some tools to go in it)(I am now without powerdrill, chuck, masonry bits and the like)

I'm sure once all the chores and tasks have been completed that I'll have enjoyed it. . . just all slightly overwhelming - DIY was never my department, if you know what I mean; having said that, I am able to rise to a challenge

(I hope)

Anonymous G said...

1. Coffee (I can DO this!)

2. Make list (I think I can)

3. Accomplish tasks on list (uhhh)

4. Time for myownself.(ummmm..)


But, good luck with yours, ILTV!!


katherine. said...

I go thru phases of list keeping....right now I don't....but I have been forgetting things...so maybe I should start up again.

Do you mean you still have not found your camera cable? Maybe you could go online on get a replacement?

Let all the hearth and home things rest for a while. I lean toward a mini-retreat with quiet, hot water, smelly gunk, bubbles...and maybe a candle. I have not had much luck with candles and baths. Little flames of fire perched precariously....not such a good idea around a klutz. A book perhaps...but surely NOT "a dozen or so candles" !!

When someone asks me my sign, I usually respond:

"slippery when wet"

Sorrow said...

so what are all the little symbols?
and where did they come from...??

Dave said...


I, Like The View said...

no "good", Dave?

sorrow found them on google images *hangs head in shame* (when looking for astrologoy symbols)

Katherine but see, there was me thinking with all that water around there'd be no fire hazard. . .

G I just settled for coffee and the tub in the end