I have no idea where Reet Petite came from. . . but the bathing beauties are rather wonderful, aren't they. . .

I think it was something to do with a post-apocalyptic game that the boys are playing - in the game they're tuned into a radio station whose DJ plays songs that appear to me to be lifted from the soundtrack of The Singing Detective, which, you might know, is close to my heart

Peg O' My Heart
Max Harris & His Novelty Trio

Limehouse Blues
Ambrose & His Orchestra

Blues In The Night
Anne Shelton

Dry Bones
Fred Waring & The Pennsylvanians

Rockin' In Rhythm
The Jungle Band (Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra)

Cruising Down The River
Lou Preager & His Orchestra, vocalist Paul Rich

Don't Fence Me In
Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters

It Might As Well Be Spring
Dick Haymes

Paper Doll
The Mills Brothers

Lili Marlene
Lale Anderson

I Get Along Without You Very Well
Lew Stone & His Band, Vocals Sam Browne

Do I Worry?
The Ink Spots

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive
Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters

You Always Hurt The One You Love
The Mills Brothers

After You've Gone
Al Jolson with Matty Malneck's Orchestra
& The Four Hits and a Miss

It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow
Jack Payne & His Orchestra

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
Ella Fitzgerald & The Ink Spots

The Very Thought Of You
Al Bowlly with The Ray Noble Orchestra

The Teddy Bears' Picnic
Henry Hall & His Orchestra

We'll Meet Again
Vera Lynn with Arthur Young at the Novachord


I used to sing The Teddy Bears' Picnic to my children when they were little. . . my parents had the song on a 78 and I'd known all the lyrics since I was very small myself. . . recently I've been humming Into Each Life. . . and Accentuate the Positive. . . I found my copy of The Singing Detective soundtrack when I was sorting out one of the still-unpacked-from-The-Big-House-in-The-Village boxes - it's on a tape, like my Wilson Phillips album, which I also found. . . there are other songs on that list which I might be humming now, The Singing Detective being the soundtrack of life
but for some reason now I'm humming this. . . (well, not "some reason", I know why). . . California dreaming on such a winter's day indeed. . .


Mel said...

Oh, that was a wonderful song to have this morning....

I, Like The View said...

which one! California Dreaming, or Reet Petite. . .

. . .thinking it was the dreaming

hugs for Thursday


Gordie said...

Perfect Virgo was a big fan of The Singing Detective. Dem bones, dem bones gonna, walk around...

katherine. said...

while I wouldn't recommend "L.A." it is fairly warm in northern California as well...

Mel said...

Oh, definitely the Dreamin' one....

Think I'll listen to it once more before heading nite nite.

((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))