how to write words

find a pen or a pencil or a mechanical device with letters (down arrow) loaded on it (up arrow). . .

(in my case, try not to get distracted by the letters -
alphabets can be addictive, don't you know)
then arrange the letters into the right orders - this will create words (words are quite wonderful, don't you know! you arrange these squiggly things called letters in a certain way to make words and when the words are read they conjure up images or sensations or ideas or memories in your mind)
of course, once you have lots of words at your disposal, then Bob's your uncle really. . .
you can do anything!
be anyone!
go anywhere!
you can even take other people with you!
(and what I mean by that is the places we go when we read poems or song lyrics or novels or newpaper articles) (which we can even do with individual words) (moon) (banana) (zoo) (it's sometimes more fun with more than one word tho, but you don't need very many; see, if I write "let's go to the beach and we'll walk over a sand dune and down to the sea and maybe paddle a little and then we'll end up splashing in the waves and flicking water at each other and if we get a bit hot and sticky we'll go find an ice-cream or maybe have a swim even and then dry off just sitting back on our towels in the sunshine and perhaps we'll have a picnic supper on the beach and then light a fire and sit around it warming our feet whilst wrapped in a huge blanket and we'll toast marshmallows whilst watching shooting stars" then perhaps you are remembering at least one time you did even a tiny part of that, or thinking about the person you did it with - or would like to do it with - and even if you've never been to the sea you'll have seen movies with beaches in them and will know what I mean - and it all comes from me arranging letters in a certain way and you understanding that) (I could have written a slightly more evocative piece, but I thought I'd leave the rest up to your imagination)
and squiggle are good words, aren't they? I quite like words with js and qs in them - not so many words have js and qs. . .
just and quest do. . .
and queen. . . injure and inquire. . .
conquest and injustice. . .
and quite. . . juice and quiet. . .
weird that lots of those words with the letters that I like have a you in them too
I mean a u in them
why was I thinking of you?
because I often do


Dave said...

Good day.

Mel said...


k.....that was fun! And the alphabets are way cool.....

Do you know how much fun that was to read and to imagine and to live (if even just in my brain) for those few moments?
VERY, thank you.


Mel said...

oh, what a day!
I can't describe it all went astray,
so I decided to get away, somewhere nicer;
just me and you - we'll go together,
take in the view:
why it looks much better,
oh my god, it's true!
it's brighter later.
in my darkest nights
I just remember lying by your side,
oh my god, you're right!
it's brighter later....

<-- clicked on the link

I, Like The View said...


here's for brighter later (quite cloudy at the mo, but patches of blue sky visible) and glad that the words work, dear Mel

what would we do, where would be be, without them


Dave and a fine day to you too, sir

Rimshot said...

What link? I want to click on the link too!


I, Like The View said...

(it's in the side bar, up at the top)(not related to this post)

mig said...

Words. I love them.
Sometimes, something makes me think of a place I'd like to go but I can't quite remember where it is - you know, just the sound of water or the colour of a cloud or an idea about the way people think. Then after a while I remember the place is in a book and all I have to do is go and find the book to go there :)