happy birthday SHOT!!

so, what do we have for Shot then. . .

(covered in sweeties)
(and red liquorice laces)
(and Smarties)(and marshmallows)
(and it has sparklers too)
(so, not just any old cake. . .)

(English chocolate. . .)
(. . .the GOOD stuff)


(and not just
any old confetti,
musical confetti. . .)


we do have guitars. . .)

the bluebird of happiness!

a rock 'n' roll t-shirt!

some rock 'n' roll stuff
(we like stuff!!)
(we don't know what it is, but we like it,
because it has rock 'n' roll written on it)

(see, told you we had guitars)

(a lovely gentle quiet panda,
who likes just sitting about,
minding his own business,
munching bamboo)
(HINT: he can only munch if you feed him)
(HINT: he's hungry! feed him!!)


happy birthday, my far away friend. . .

we've had a request for the birthday wand!
I wonder what it will magic up?
birthday singing. . .
bubbles. . .

. . . bubbles? no! singing? no!
. . .

the chocolate girl. . .
happy birthday Shot!

now, whatever happened
to the proper chocolate. . .


Gordie said...

Happy Birthay, 'Shot! Give my warmest regards to Rod Blagojevich.

Rimshot said...

YAY! Look at all the COOL STUFF!!!!

The stuff that has rock'n'roll written on it is/are centerpieces, paper plates and cup and tablecloth, I believe.

That confetti is AWESOME (WANT!)




Thanks ever so much! *grin*

now, which way to the old rockers' retirement village?

katherine. said...

I have my choir director wand in hand....waiting for the song birds to appear....

happy birthday to you!!!

Mel said...

Tweet, tweet? ;-)

Happiest of birthday's to you, sir!

YEAH for birthdays!!!!!

*ahemmmmmmm* mi mi mi miiiiii


Happy Birthday to you
(is she waving the wand yet?)
Happy Birthday to YOU!!
(SURELY by now that wand is a wavin'!!)
Happy Birthday to YouUuuuUUUuuuuu!!!!!!


Mel said...


Sparkler please!

<-- confesses to have played with the panda. (k...more than once....)

I, Like The View said...

isn't the panda just so gorgeous!!

sparklers all round, and I might have to dig out the birthday wand and throw that into the mix

old rockers' retirement village? who are you trying to kid! if (*scratches head and tries to remember the name of that wrinkly guy from the Rolling Stones*)(can't remember, him anyhow) anyhow, if he's still going, you have to too


scarlet-blue said...

I'm here for the cake...

I, Like The View said...

one slice or two. . .


Mel said...

<-- is here for the Panda

Hey! He was lookin' hungry!!!


Rimshot said...

What a lovely addendum: wand, chocolate lady, adorable sproglette feeling for brain.

I don't know about the tags tho'...'more important' than crunchies?

Rimshot said...

I like rocking the panda (isn't that a song by Clash, The?

I, Like The View said...

'kay, I admit it - there are more important things than Crunchies, even on a Friday. . .

I had to add the nose picking girl, just to bring things back to order after the chocolate lady. . .

Mel pandas eat a lot of bamboo - they are very hungry creatures and bamboo isn't very nutriticious apparently; one of nature's little foibles, a bamboo eating panda

but so very adorable

I think he's hungry again. . .

Mel said...


Never fear!!!

<-- shall feed the panda!