<----- feeling very, very smug (finally)

<------ went out and purchased camera/pc cable


. . .and. . .
I also purchased a battery charger

. . .and. . .

I got the guy in the shop to show me
how to connect the battery recharger thingy all together
(I'm sure I could have worked it out)
when it's all sorted, I'll see what the photos on the camera are. . . do you remember how you used to have the odd roll of film knocking about and you'd completely forgotten what was on it? it was always such a lovely surprise when you collected your developed prints from the chemist's. . . well, you might not have done - but I used to. . .

I wonder what I'll find?


Rimshot said...

ooo, surprises!

I do hope you'll be sharing at least the highlights.

zIggI said...

I came across a roll just the other day - I'm wondering . . .

Mel said...

Holy buckets!
You did it!!



<-- doing happy dance in the chair


GO YOU!!!!!!!!

Ocean and rockpools and shells!

I, Like The View said...

oh Mel it was a bit of an investment. . .


mostly because I was on a bit of a roll and I also went to the electrical shop and bought light bulbs that I needed, and new fittings for ones where it's not the light bulb's fault that there's no light and I also paid for the tapestry that I stiched (the Lobster one, remember? I finished it!) to be made into a cushion and then I made a big mistake and I strayed into my favourite shop and perused their sale rail. . .


oh well, that's the way it goes when I'm on a roll I guess

but HEY!!! I GOT THE CABLE!!!!

photo of shell lampbase coming up, tomorrow. . . when I've found out what was already on the camera!


I, Like The View said...

ZigZ something good I hope!

Shot I'll be sharing as much as I see fit. . .

. . .lots of good bits!

Mel said...



Wellllllllllllllllllll.... Stuff happens? :-)

Makes me wanna check that 35mm camera that's stuck on the closet shelf.

Does anyone even develop film anymore?!

KAZ said...

I seem to remember you lost it ages ago.
Looking forward to pictures.

katherine. said...

all I can say is...


there's a couple four letters for ya!