what a day

Mini-Teen found a big toe nail clipping in her pizza (delivered to our door by the company who sponsor The Simpsons) (when I phoned and had a little chat with the manager, he credited me the cost of the order and sent a moped man round to collect the offending nail clipping)

Middle One turned thirteen I'm contemplating calling him Teen Too - it was in his birthday honour that we ordered the home delivery (one of my gifts to him was a Madness Hamster keyring)
The Teen looked after his sister (wonders will never cease) when she was extremely distressed, by making her a hot chocolate and bringing it in on her The Wonderful Girl tray (he prefers The Penguin of Death)

wasn't distressed by the discovery of a toe nail clipping in her pizza, that she took in her stride, but by recounting the tale of what happened at school today: her best friend had a fit and then slipped into a diabetic coma at lunchtime, right in front of M-T. . .
. . .M-T, only eleven, reacted completely calmly and collectedly - caught Best Friend before she dropped to the floor and held her while her body fitted and called for help and told the first adult to arrive on the scene exactly what had happened and all Best Friend's details such that the adult could coordinate the school's response to the situation; Best Friend was whisked off to hospital in an ambulance and M-T returned to class; later on she received a personal commendation from The Head Mistress for her brave and sensible behaviour
it wasn't until she came home from school at the end of the day that M-T's fear and horror and anxiety completely overcame her and she broke down in tears, shaking and sobbing and collapsing into a tiny bundle on my lap

while she shook and sobbed and cried her eyes out, Teen Too delayed the opening of his birthday presents and The Teen trogged off to the kitchen to make the aforementioned hot chocolate - nice to know the boys care about the little sister they spend so much time slagging off, but whenever she complains about how horrible they are to her it is exactly these moments that I remind her of


Anonymous said...

I'd have thought a quiet cup of tea with the Head would have been a more sensible slow deflating of that shock.
Lucky the girl has her family.

Mel said...

k....made me proud and sad and grateful....

Happy Birthday to Teen Too.

k....I'm gonna get all weepy now...

Omgosh......the poor, brave, loving young woman.

*sending prayers for BF*

Oh--I'm so glad they all have each other....and you.

Anonymous said...


Gawd! I'd've been useless if I was Mini-Teen! Put a flake in her hot-chocolate from me :)

A chocolate flake that is. Not a flaky toenail.


Rimshot said...

Well, I'm off pizza now.

zIggI said...

Happy Birthday to Middly
Well Done to both T and MT!

And helloooo to you xxx

Dave said...

What Ziggo said.

ps Card arrived today, with note on envelope asking if it was the second one you'd sent - not it isn't.

I, Like The View said...

Dave then IOU an extra xmas card

zIgz hellooooooo sweetie. . .

shot see, salad IS SAFE!!! (so long as you take out the caterpillars and slugs you find in the lettuce before you eat the salad)

horse all the flakes were hidden inside the surprise inside of Teen Too's birthday cake (along with copious quantites of Smarties); The Teen forgot to add marshmallows to the hot chocolate, but noone was complaining

Mel well, I sobbed. . . BF was home from hospital by the early evening and has no recollection of the events whatsoever

I've never seen M-T so scared, but she woke up this morning feeling a lot better

I'm glad they have each other, and I'm glad she has me


dinahmow I think she was overlooked, actually; quite clearly noone at school realised what a shocking state she was in - but thank goodness she was able to break down and let it all out when she got home; and - as I said above - a good sleep recharged her

Donn Coppens said...

A toenail?

It's not easy finding your way in this world *mouth fills with bile
...and she's lucky to have..
a toenail?