on dating

ok, a bit of background for those of you with short memories

so, I joined this internet dating site

to date I've had "dates" with an unkempt academic (he clearly thought his brains would win me over, but mine frightened him off - which was just as well as otherwise I'd have probably broken his heart), a short film maker (well, he was a reasonable height for a man, so I guess the adjective refers to his work not his stature), a professor of art from one of the top London art education facilities (he introduced me to Serra, whose work I found fascinating) (what I didn't find fascinating was this guy's total belief that the end of his marriage was all his wife's fault) (personally, I think. . . actually, I'll say no more on that one - it's not for me to comment on someone else's relationship, is it), a music producer who had had great success in the 70s and 80s (if only I was ten years older. . .) and the latest victim is

and this will make you laugh

a psychiatrist

of course, as soon as I winkled out this - in my case, delicate but pertinent - fact from him, I fessed up to the state of my mind, the working of my brain, my body's dependence on meds of various kinds

it didn't put him off

which worries me somewhat, I have to say

if you were a psychiatrist would you date someone who suffers, and is quite possibly still suffering, from a mental illness?

if you were someone who suffers, and is quite possibly still suffering, from a mental illness would you date a psychiatrist?

. . .going out with the academic was like being another academic picking flaws in someone else's theories and hypotheses (surprisingly easy, I have to say)

. . .going out with the short film maker was like being back at work in the communications department commissioning art and design from graphic artists (whilst wishing you were one)

. . .going out with the art professor was like being a student who was being lectured at (which is what made it so interesting for me, but must have been too much like work for him)

. . .going out with the music producer was like reliving the youth I was never able to have (thanks to my oh-so Victorian parents)

but a psychiatrist?
what was I thinking?


what a relevant question. . .
shame he's not a psychologist really

(I'll have to ask his views on Jung and Freud and
- more importantly -
the Crane boys)


zIggI said...

Only you would have this luck! Been interesting though eh?

I, Like The View said...

fascinating. . .


which was good!

don't think I'm ready for a relationship tho actually, thought I'd find some new platonic friends - but despite their wonderful CVs and the interesting times chatting, haven't felt like seeing any of them again

it's a numbers thing and a time thing, methinks


Rimshot said...

well, we all know which Crane boy YOU prefer... :-P

I, Like The View said...

actually, now Niles is happily married to Daphne I'm starting to quite like Fraiser, he might be my perfect man

(altho I'd have to have him wax his back and arms - can't stand body hair)

Rimshot said...

my, aren't we fickle!


I, Like The View said...


it's not fickle

I wouldn't want to cause Niles any unhappiness by declaring myself - and anyhow he has his own English woman now (see, I've watched to much that I've finally caught up with the end of the series)

and I think I might have overlooked Frasier up until now, since I was so busy swooning over Niles

and, as I have learnt, it is perfectly possible to love one person whlst being in love with another

since I've never declared myself to Niles, he wouldn't know what he was missing (not that he'd be interested anyhow) and Frasier wouldn't be jealous - but just think how much time I'd get to spend in Niles' company, if I was going out with Frasier!

of course I don't think I'd be able to fess up to Frasier about Niles, unless things got really serious between us

so, in summary:

I think it's perfectly possible to have a crush on one person, whilst dating another - don't you? or do you not?

funny, I haven't ever spent this much time thinking about the Crane boys. . .

I, Like The View said...

perhaps I've discovered the solution to my lonely weekends. . .

. . .the box set of Frasier DVDs - every single series

how long would that last me?

KAZ said...

Wow - that's an impressive list.
The psychiatrist sounds like an excellent idea. At least he's an expert - my ex has done a counselling course and is a now a total pain.
They seem to have extracted his sense of humour. :):(

I, Like The View said...

(Guardian Soulmates)

my subscription is up for renewal, but I'm not sure if it's worth the investment

where are all the ordinary people?

I, Like The View said...

hey! he had a sense of humour

Mel said...

I married an extremely neurotic Brit.

Does that answer the question?

I, Like The View said...

you found him! that's kinda the question. . .


Mel said...

<-- wasn't lookin' for him......

Heck, wasn't lookin' for anything or anyone at that moment in time.

Little booger wouldn't g'way..LOL

Mel said...

OH....and do ask his views about Jung, please.

It's one of my favoritest questions to ask.

"So.......let's talk Jung."

If he starts ramblin' on about his wooby ('nother name for a 'security blanket' around these parts) RUN AWAY.
Just sayin'......

I, Like The View said...

no, I'm not really looking either

just trying to get out a little! have had some very nice cups of coffee and interesting walks and talks (and one of 'em even hugged me when we parted)

a wooby, huh? I'll keep that in mind



mig said...

Watch out for woobies!

Mel said...

LOL @ Mig


katherine. said...

there is almost no chance I would date a psychiatrist... mental illness or not.

then again I wouldn't date Niles either.....smile....

the woobie thing scares me.