kind of a Tag

but not really

I begged to be included in the fun at Z's razorblade of life. . .

I quote: "You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it on your blog.Then people leave comments on your post and you assign them letters and the cycle begins once more." (you know I didn't write that - too much punctuation!)
the lovely Z gave me the letter T. . .
let me think, ten things. . . (see, I've done three already) (four!) (I'm kidding); ok, in no particular order. . .
1. tea
as in a cup of
it's how I start my day
(first thing, every morning, before the coffee)

2. Twinings. . .
. . .English Breakfast with three sugars, please

3. toast

I like white bread toast or brown malted seeded bread toast hot and crispy straight out of the toaster and dripping with butter (sorry for the reminder, Mel)

. . .and toast art is kind of fun too!

4. toast (a different kind)

AND the clothes in it. . .

AND the catalogue is a treat in itself. . .

AND they even make their own jam and marmalade. . .
(not difficult, if I can do it, but kinda cute that they go that far)

5. t

like satsumas, they remind me of a crisp and cold Christmas morning, waking up as a child all excited and finding my stocking at the end of the bed - lumpy with chestnuts and a satsuma; of course tangerines are slightly more tricky to peel than satsumas - but I like them anyhow; and the word is kind of cool, TAN-GER-INE, and it's a great colour. . .

6. t
otem poles

I find totem poles fascinating,
and they also remind me of
one of my favourite places in the world -
the Vigeland Sculpture Park
in Oslo, Norway

7. t

I find trees fascinating too - spring, summer, autumn and winter - they have really cool bark and things like acorns. . .

8. truly
as in Truly, Madly, Deeply

not as in Truly Scrumptious Sally Ann Howes *shudder* should really have not been cast for that role - it ought to have been Julie Andrews IMHO. . .

which bring us nicely to
the von Trapp children:
I was brought up in a house with a book written by Maria vT herveryself about life with the children and the Captain. . . I own that book now (scary, huh)
9. tunes
I don't need to add to that, do I?
universal translators

I love the idea of a Babel Fish and just wish I had one that I could stick in my ear when I needed to. . .

and, while we're on science fiction. . .

The Tardis
(explanation here for the uninitiated!)

Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space. . .
. . .and Time Lords,
my favourite of whom has to be the current one. . .
David Tennant
(and oh! yet another T)


and I'll finish with

11. the things written in between the lines. . .

. . .cos there are lots
and they appear often,
but they are almost invisible
so you probably don't notice them. . .


Z said...

Wonderful. Or rather, Tremendous!

Vicus Scurra said...

Tom Graveney
Telemann's viola concerto
Tannhauser Overture.
Leicester Tigers.
How could you leave these off the list? Haven't you been paying attention?

Mel said...

Toast with faces even!

k.....I'm envious......

And just so ya know I got to the 'other' Toast--what in the world are 'wrist warmers'?!

I mean, really--how functional can they be in the middle of winter!!

k.....sorry....LOL Another "Oh look a chicken!!" moment.....

I, Like The View said...

Z I love things like this. . .

thank you!

Vicus obviously Telemann and Tannhauser were included in tunes, the rest were written inbetween the lines - weren't you paying attention. . .


(but since it's you, I'll make some tahini and add it onto our Friday edibles)

your letter is N

*smiles ever so sweety*

Mel they are knitted and scrunchy and keep your wrists warm in winter. . .

or did I miss something. . .


your letter is O


shot your letter is E

. . .and the next person has L

Mel said...





Nope....LOL "O"!

Got it!

Mel said...

Yeah, but whaddabout your fingers?!

Just askin'.....
I mean, I don't worry about my wrists getting frostbite and falling off yaknow!


Anonymous said...

What a fun read. And I love the way you and Vicus tease each other!
I'll play, if you've not used up the 26 letters.

I, Like The View said...

it was a fun write dinahmow and there were still to many Ts that I didn't mention (Tinkerbell, the original from the book not Disneyfied; twinkling; twisting and twirling; twiglight; turtles tortoises and terrapins; and I could go on!)

you may take the letter L

hope that's ok!


Mel if cour can't envisage a use for wrist warmers, you must be one lucky lady! they appeal to those of us who spent a childhood with too small, grown-out-of clothes - where shirt and jumper and coat sleeves came up short and gloves were always last year's pair - so one's wrists were always exposed

for me it's not so much the fact that my clothes really do cover the gap, so much as the dread of having cold wrists

sometimes it's not really cold enough here to warrant gloves or mittens, so wrist warmers are the perfect solution (I have a pair of fingerless gloves which I use similarly)

but as for toast wrist warmers - I'd never actually buy them cos purchasing the wool and knitting them myself would be far more economical. . . but I did like the glitterly pair!

toast is extremely expensive, and way beyond my budget, but they have great sales - got a pair of boots last year for 25 quid (10% of the original priace)(yes, £250 for a pair of boots - total madness); I just like the pictures in the catalogue really


luckyzmom said...

Truly tantilizing and titilating.

I, Like The View said...

the toast wristwarmers, all my typos or the things about T that I like?!

hope you enjoyed it lucky - let me know if you'd like a letter


katherine. said...

this was fun...(I have always wanted my own totem pole...)...and I agree with you about JA being Truly. I think I can sing along with every song in that movie...

You drink tea before coffee???