infinite possibilities

happinesses arriving from far far away. . .

happiness in the smiles of those with me,
who love me and whom I love

and, very importantly,
Happy Christmas
to you. . .


Mel said...

Happy, HAPPY Christmas to you--and to all of yours!

The kinda happiness that melts in your mouth and leaves you all smiles and gooshy inside! The 'shake it up and FEEL it' kinda happiness....the kind happiness that changes with warmth and leaves you giggling and all kindsa excited over that bubble bath that's sometime in the near future..Yaknow--like 'MINUTES away from the bubble bath cuz you're makin' arrangements cuz you don't wanna WAIT' kinda happiness. The share 'from the heart' kinda happiness....the happiness that comes from a 'quack' when you see the light.


And he can't look in his sock til the bubble bath's DONE. HA!!

*nodding and laughing*

THAT kinda happiness times a bazillion to you.

(((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))))

Happy, HAPPY, H A P P Y Christmas!!!!!


I, Like The View said...

and I guess the salty mini wheetabix and nuts are "chexmix". . .


Mel said...


And I'm guessin' purple duckies change to orange when they get warmed up.

Great things happen when warmth finds people AND duckies, yaknow!

<-- found great warmth in wondrous places this Holiday

Who coulda asked for more, eh?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
The duckies said it much better than anyone ever could have. :-)

*HUGE hugs and warm, peacefilled wishes*

(sure do hope that kiddo feels better!)

zIggI said...

hope you had and are having a good one Jax, love to you and yours xxx

Mel said...

And a Happy Boxing Day to you and the kiddos!!