so, the house is a semi, and thus only has the one adjoining wall. . . consequently it is exposed on four sides (east, south, west and the flat roof)

consequently in weather like we're having it's bl**dy freezing. . . there is a fire in the sitting room, but I feel so guilty about my carbon footprint that I don't light it until the children settle in for the evening

it's weird how guilt can stop you doing things that might be good for you

I think my brain has frozen up - if I thaw, I'll be back
hope you are somewhere
warm and snuggly today


Dave said...

Dying of hypothermia and then being cremated won't help your carbon footprint.

Rimshot said...

I keep trying to make a carbon footprint, but it just keeps looking like my foot.

zIggI said...

it is damn cold isn't it - bugger the carbon footprint, light the fire girl

Mel said...

*nodding* Staying warm is one of those required things.

It's a whole 6 degrees fahrenheit over here.
Don't make me turn off the furnace!



Now hummin' 'Light My Fire'.
GO figure!

Mel said...

BTW...guilt keeps me from doing things that really aren't loving or kindly.
I don't particularly like that 'feeling'--it generally comes attached to 'regret'....which will be having me humming Frank Sinatra, if I'm not careful.

However, guilt is a deterrent--not a brick bat to beat ourselves with.
You do know that, right?


JUST sayin'.....

Great. NOW I'm humming Frank...

Mig said...

Frozen people are notoriously bad at looking after the environment. Get warm first and worry later.

We're a semi too and on the brow of a hill. I worry more about where the heat gets out that we so laboriously and expensively produce! (I have considered getting an enormous House Cover - like those things people wrap their cars in at night :)
(Sending a warm hug)

Sorrow said...

Oh dear one...
warmth could ever be a guilty pleasure?
unless of course it was a private jet to the tropics..
now then
FEEL guilty all you want..
And I'll feel jealous!

Vicus Scurra said...

I've checked, and it is OK. You can light your fire. Go and do it now.

I, Like The View said...

I have done

thank you

(and I might again tomorrow - being cold is NOT worth it!)

katherine. said...

I am glad to read you came to your senses!