Daniel my brother
you are older than me
. . .

do you still feel the pain
of the scars that won't heal?


Mel said...

Boy....appropriate song for the occasion.

Interestingly enough, the sister didn't 'see' some things, didn't 'experience' some things as I saw and experienced them.
Still, there's shared scars--and shared joys.

Ya get the two of us in the same room and it's a whole different language--with sentences that don't have to be finished.

Worth the trip across the continent for those moments, yaknow?

I, Like The View said...

I was telling stories my mother had told me that he'd clearly never heard. . .

which I found very odd, and made me wonder what he'd been told that I hadn't

. . .many years ago now my brother told me to just forive my father, because he was an old man now. . .

but that's one of the reasons I like him (my brother)

Rimshot said...

I'm glad you got to share some time w/him. I'm sorry it wasn't longer.

Have you considered webcams?