all the windows are now open

take a look and see!

and of course, since it's me,
there is an extra one for the 25th



Rimshot said...

Wow! That went fast. How sad that there are no more windows (except the extra, of course).

Thank you for going to all of the trouble to assemble the days' surprises.


Anonymous G said...

...Just stopping by to wish you a merry Christmas Eve...

I've been absent, but near in thought.

Thanks for the holiday cheer by way of your windows and...well, YOU!


KAZ said...

That was wonderful.
Have a very happy, optimistic and peaceful Christmas.

Mel said...

What they said times a bazillion.

(((((((( ILTV ))))))))

*humming Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas*


I, Like The View said...

Merry Christmas everyone