the west wind

it's blowing

the shimmering patterns on the river are heading eastwards, despite the oncoming tide taking the waters to the west. . .the huge willow on the opposite bank, shakes its head and its mane of leaves, as yet unfallen, blow and ripple to the right as I watch from the heights (its like watching cornfields). . . a soft breeze blows in thru the balcony windows - facing west, facing downstream, I am protected from the wrath of the weather today (I wasn't yesterday, when the north-easterly rains were hurled from the sky and onto the decking and thru the opened up gaps of the glass and into the room). . . the storm clouds are heading eastwards, skudding across the sky to another part of the world. . . I can see a blue patch coming and minutes later I'm almost blinded by the low bright autumn sun. . . a pair of seagulls fly thru the empty air (the river teems with birdlife when the tide is out and the banks and and pools are exposed, but when the tide is in I don't know where the birds go), no swans today. . .
it's a beautiful morning
I hope you have a beautiful day


Malc said...

It started out as a wet blanket of a day, but now I'm inside with the fire and a big mug of coffee, the sun is battling to show through. I've got a trench to dig, appropriately enough for the day.

Mel said...


Like cornfields....ya know I watch the wind waves travel in the fields and it's magical and mesmorizing.

Yeah, yeah...I know, cornfields.

Mel said...

I just wantcha to know I had a very FULL day. Complete with upset boss, irritated coworkers, irate parent, grumpy kiddos and sad, struggling staff.


<-- thinks it was a GOOD day!

No foolin'!! :-)

I, like the view said...

I'm glad!