all day today I was on the verge of tears

I could feel them, pricking away at the backs of my eyes

where did they come from and why? and how was it that I managed to blink them back time after time after time. . .

g*d only knows

I can feel them now, under my eyelids, about to burst out of their ducts

how is my body doing that? do I really need to cry?

I had a good enough day: went to a museum and looked at somethings that I probably haven't looked at since I was a young teenager (that'll be about 30+ years ago), found some good xmas pressies in the museum's gift shop, had a delicious lunch, a little later I rustled up the children and they came to the Art School with me and helped me help out The Friends (of the Art School) prepare for their fund-raising party tomorrow (The Friends are having a fund-raising party tomorrow, and I'd offered to help out), then we all piled "home" again and watched re-runs of Malcolm in the Middle and Frasier whilst eating pizza

strangely, I don't actually feel sad right now. . .

so then,
why, dear reader, does my body want to cry?


Rimshot said...

I'm sure nobody needs to tell you that there are reasons other than sadness to bring about crying.

Catharsis, surprise and happiness all spring to mind.

Why does YOUR body want to cry? I have no friggin' idea. :-P

Rimshot said...

Addendum: perhaps it's because you watched Malcolm in the Middle?

katherine. said...

all the things rim listed...or...hormones?

I'd bet on the Malcolm in the Middle however....

Mel said...

Gosh--I get like that sometimes--and I have no clue.
But I g'head and let it happen.
Sometimes I get to the other side of it and know the how comes.

Now, do I LIKE it?

Do I haffta have everything 'make sense to Mel' today?

(sure would be helpful if they did though.....LOL)


Sorrow said...

Cause it does?
I 'm with mel, don't hafta like it...
but what would it hurt..???

Mig said...

Sometimes little, almost unnoticed things trigger a surge of emotion in me. Never quite sure what the exact emotion is but often it makes me gulp a bit or blink once or twice.
I don't think it's a bad thing?

(((((((((((((( I ))))))))))))) anyway.