safe and sound

(and yes we have two black cats!)


Rimshot said...

again...YAY You!

( ( ( ( ( ( view ) ) ) ) ) )

Steg said...


I, Like The View said...

thanks sweethearts!

Mel said...

<--smilin' from ear to ear

Goshdangit.......I'm thrilled for you and the kiddos.

SEE! You're doin' it! :-)

Two black cats?!

Names, please?

Anonymous G said...


Welcome Home!


zIggI said...

you made it!


I, Like The View said...

thanks lovely people



ps Mel the mother (who was a daughter of our original cat) is called Miaow. . . and the son is Mini-Cat

(my fave cat name ever was The Teen's Fantastic Dan and His Supersonic Cows. . . but he was the one who ran away and didn't come back when we moved out of The Village)

Mig said...

OH! I missed your return!
Oh I hope it's going well.
Big hugs