the most awful thing

occurs to me

I can't finish the sudoku, because I have made a mistake somewhere along the line. . .

by chance I have the paper with the solution in it - I check my progress (without looking at the full solution)

no, no mistakes - I must just be thicker than I thought



Mel said...

You can borrow my animal sudoku.

Is this where I admit that I can't even do the animal sudoku?

Yeah, well, I can't.
<--sucks at math
<--apparently sucks at coloured animals in squares, too.

BUT!! Gimme a crossword and I'll rock!

I, like the view said...

it's not maths. . . it's logic


<---- finally gave up and THREW IT IN THE BIN!!!!!!

now, crosswords. . . if only you'd told me that earlier, you could have helped me! (the answers were overembellished and marquetry. . .)

Mel said...

Himself won't do crosswords with me anymore.

Frustration at the 'dumb way' we spell things over here. LOL

<-- sometimes agrees with him!

katherine. said...

haven't done the regular sudoku....but what is the animal version??