is this really our 901st vehicle for obscure communication? has I,LTV's profile really had 5,999 views? has the musical ♪♫ b♥x really had 13,953 page loads in the few short months it's been here?
crikey. . . what is the world coming to?


Rimshot said...


(I can't help it, I'm defiant like that)

Mel said...


What IS the world coming to?---apparently your weblog.


Thinking that was a trick question, silly!


Dave said...

To what is the world coming, indeed.

ziggi said...

someone should tell Dave the joke about the Australian undergraduate attending Cambridge (or was it Oxford?) for the first time.

He's looking for the library and after a fruitless search approaches a passer-by.

"Hey Mate d'you know where the library's to?" he askes.

The Englishman looks down his nose and says.

"This is Cambridge. (or is it Oxford?) Here we speak the Queen's English and we do not end a sentance with a preposition"

"Sorry Mate" says the Australian. "Can you tell me where ther library's to, Tosser?"

Mel said...


YOU tell him the joke, ziggi--I'd mess up the punchline.


Greetings on a cold and dark November morning!

I, like the view said...


full of dark grey cloud with a tiny piece of other cloud behind the grey cloud

so many shades of grey (oh! I feel a song coming on)

and some (I imagine) very cold rowers on the river being yelled at by their coaches breaking the muffled silence

I, like the view said...

zigz I stand (well sit, actually) corrected

dave to what. . . indeed

shot what are you pouting about?!?!?!?!

The Dotterel said...

Who's been counting?

I, like the view said...

sad lonely nerds

well, this one