the end of the week

but not quite the weekend, yet

treats in the side bar, folks - please help yourselves. . .

(more thoughts on elves later)



Vicus Scurra said...

The end of the week? What are we going to do without it? I think it should be retained - call me conservative - but a unit of seven days deserves to have its own appellation - or adirondack - I say we should protest.

Mel said...

Elves! :-)

k....I'll have an apple whilest I await the elves, thank you.


ziggi said...

adirondack??? What the **** is that?!

Mel said...

k.....changed my mind.

(this after consuming an apple already....LOL)

Popcorn please.
AND I get to eat it from the comfy chair! :-) GOOD!

I, like the view said...

(zigz I didn't know either, but it was close enough to a Muskoka chair for me to change topics - briefly - and I do love a good Muskoka chair!)

mel *scratches head* what on earth happened to the elves then? will have to try and find them over the weekend. . . hope the apple and popcorn were good!

Mig said...

Elves? Oh good :)

(What's a muskoka chair?)