no, not the edible kind. . .
nor the red-letter kind. . .
altho "tasty" and "diaries" come into it*. . .
I've joined a dating agency! I had to find some way of getting out and about, you see. . . meet some new people, make some new friends, have a companion. . . (excuses, excuses, eh)
well, that was the theory, anyhow
in practice it's all turned out a little differently than I expected
on one hand, it is very difficult: meeting new people and making new friends, on one's own - without a peer group, without an office place, without a vague connection already in place
doing it blind, so to speak, renders one visible
all one's own faults and prejudices become quite, quite, bothersome
I had one "meeting" (I wouldn't call it a date) with a guy who turned up totally unkempt - very very shabbily dressed (not just by my standards - by anyone's standards), hair unwashed, face unwashed, and he was late (so late that he ran the last part of his journey and was literally dripping with sweat when he arrived at the meeting point)
what was my initial impression? I shudder to recall it and certainly won't ruin your day with the retelling. . .
I've learnt a lot about myself, that's for sure
on the other hand, it is very easy: you're not letting anyone down (your friends, colleagues, peer group; if you have friends, colleagues or a peer group, that is) (I don't) (apart from you lovely lot) when it doesn't work out!

more on this fascinating topic later
(*or will do, if I ever have any success)


Rimshot said...

*sniffle* (lower lip quivering)

ziggi said...


At least you can see the funny side and you never have to see him again!

And, you're being very BRAVE!

Dave said...

Just like blog-meets, really.

Mel said...

Whoa..... Brave it putting it mildly.

(leastwise in my book!)

katherine. said...

yes...very brave!

but isn't there at least one who we know and love that found her very own online?

katherine. said...

or am I misunderstanding?

an agency? How does that work?

are there pictures and profiles and all?

cause ya know...we all could help with describing you...

and we could help picking the next one...

but then that would defeat the purpose of having no prior connections and all...

I, like the view said...

do you know, katherine I did think of that - getting you guys to help me!

and yes, a very very special one


mel you've either got to be brave and do it, or sit at home wondering how on earth you're going to meet someone, eh. . .

no, dave for once you are wrong! nothing like blog meets!!

I am zigz (*snort* away, I almost did on the day) but how on earth am I going to find someone otherwise?!?!?!?!?!?

shot please don't do that lower quibbling lip thing


(I'm hopeless when it comes to trying to work out whether or not I'm being teased. . .)

Mel said...

<-- is personally proud for you and of you for braving it!'s this deal work anyways?

Is there a box to tick for good showering habits?

TICK that one forcryingoutloud!

Mig said...

Brave and adventurous.
Won't it be interesting finding out what you do and don't like!
(curious to know what he said about himself - the late scruffy one :)

Anonymous said...


I, like the view said...

hello my favourite bald smiling guy!

*waves enthusiatically at Mr A*

mig he might have been fairly good looking from his profile view (think it was a very old photo. . .) sounded fairly witty (yes, I fell for the power of the written word. . .) said he was "never late" but I pointed out that in fact he just was, so could not really use the word "never", he didn't see the funny side (you know I have a terrible sense of humour) and at that point I realised it was a no go! (but he did pay for our coffee. . .)

mel after this one, if a guy is late, hasn't washed his hair or his face, and is scruffily dressed I think I'll forgo even a free coffee!