I am and I have one

(isn't the English language marvellous - so many words that function* as verbs and nouns) (or, in the case of cold, an adjective as well as a noun) (*that's a kind of tortology, isn't it!) (to function and a function. . .)

last night a North wind was blowing as I sat shivering on the balcony enjoying the peace and stillness of the late evening: the sky was full of banks of dark clouds, strips of which were underlit by the vague glaze of the buildings in the city where people seem to care not a jot about their carbon footprints; the moon - two thirds full - was rising in the north east; the river - which had been the fullest at high tide that I've ever seen it here (due to the torrential rain waters from earlier in the week coming downstream, I imagine) - was a shimmering blackened strip, reflecting the reds and yellows and oranges and blues and whites of the ever shining lights of the buildings on its banks and the bridges which cross it at this point

it felt very very wintry and I craved a fireplace with a fire, crackling in a grate, that I could sit next to and be warmed by

The House has one - and in a few weeks I'll be back there. . .

I don't know how I feel about that, to be honest; altho, actually, whatever I feel I have to cope with - because I am going back at the end of the month; I have to have an MO for what to do in times of stress, so I don't cave in again. . .

. . . hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

but, that's not my present - my present is the start of a new week (see vicus, it didn't end, after all!) and this week's objective is to get to the Post Office and post two parcels that have been on the workspace in front of me for far toooooooooooooo long, and some early Christmas cards (you have been warned!) (they are so lovely I couldn't resist purchasing them a little ahead of time, but what is important is that I send the messages I've written on them - so it'll be a case of "not shooting the messenger", if you see what I mean)
wish me luck. . . please (and thank you)

I'll need it - the Post Office is way out of my comfort-zone!

and in the meantime,
you have a good day
a great one. . .


Rimshot said...

YAY You!

((((((I, LTV))))))

Gordie said...

So, taking letters to the GPO really is pushing the envelope for you... :-)


<=== wonders when they stopped calling the Post Office the GPO. First signs of senility creeping on.

Mel said...


The fireplace awaits you.

Scary as it might seem--it's feeling like "it's time".
Dunno why that is.
It just does.

Comfort zones are cool things when they're a place of rest and replenishment.
But I gotta keep growing, dangit......*sigh*

It would appear that's the 'rule' and not the exception.

That messes with my whining material! LOL

Mel said...

Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!!!


I, like the view said...

it'll be one of those AFGO moments. . . (both making it to the PO and returning to the house)

just as well that I'm going back, it's starting to feel quite comfortable here actually - the solitude, the view, the not-having-to-go-up-and-down-stairs all the time; but I'm exhausted from going back and forth between the two places to look after the children. . . and whenever I am there it feels "right"

(I will be looking for all the help and support and reassurance I can get, but I'm figuring you realised that!)

KAZ said...

I really like the way that you can paint a picture with words as well as giving us beautiful pics like the ones in the previous post.
Good luck with the cold and the PO.

Mel said...

You've got all the help and support and reassurance you could want for, silly person....x 10!!

It's a good thing.
When it's feeling 'right', it's a very good thing!

(((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

I, like the view said...

just so long as it doesn't tire you out. . .



Mig said...

Well I hope the PO expedition was successful. I hope the cold is short and slight.
I like to think of you in the House with a warm fire burning. And meanwhile, it was lovely to read about the beautiful river as always.

Mel said...


CERTAINLY you jest!

(((((((( ILTV ))))))))))

<-- Energizer Bunny material!