and while we're on the topic of my trip to the V&A, this is one of the things that I didn't get around to looking at*:

(*altho it'll give me something to go and see another day)

"The motto 'Head Hand and Heart' is taken from an inscription used by Charles Voysey, which became the motto for the Society of Designers in 1896. These three words are the keys to understanding Arts and Crafts: 'Head' for creativity and imagination, 'Hand' for skill and craft, 'Heart' for honesty and for love."

CFA Voysey is my favourite Arts and Crafts designer. . .

and the motto could describe blogging really, couldn't it. . .

have a wonderful day,
you lovely people

(and please tell me about it
or whatever was bopping around in your head during it
later on
thank you!)

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Mel said...

Well--so far the day's been about whitecups and darkness and idle threats of making the day USEFUL.

No worries..LOL...that'll change with the second pot of coffee!