oh! I almost forgot

pinch punch, etc etc



Malc said...


I, like the view said...

if I was a homeopath, I'd offer you some arnica

but I'm not


how about a game of conkers? that's more of a level playing field. . .


ziggi said...

happy October.

October is better than September.

I, like the view said...

oh I do hope so zigz


Rimshot said...



Are we still speaking English?

I, like the view said...

shot a little education

arnica is a homeopathinc remedy for bumps - you either rub some cream on your bump or take one of those little homeopathic water tablets

conkers are the nuts of the horse chestnut tree (they are NOT edible, unlike the nuts of the chestnut tree!)

as children, anyone of my generation would have collected conkers, drilled a hole thru the middle, threaded it with string and then SMASHED it hard against an opponent's conker, which would be being held suspended by a string and hopefully out of knuckle range

this kept going, each taking it in turns at smashing, until one person's conker split

the winning conker then has a score of 1; if the other person's conker had already smashed, say, 3 other conkers, your conker would accumulate these wins and its score would be 4

some people used to bake their conkers in vinegar in the oven

that was called cheating where I grew up

I, like the view said...

(so, if you believe in homeopathy, you'd rub arnica on your knuckles if your opponent didn't have a great aim!)

Mel said...

LOL Thank you SHOT!

<--wasn't her asking for once!!!!

Knew about the one, didn't know about the other--now going to go and look SMART for once!

HA...like that'll happen...LOL

Rimshot said...

I'm not big on homeopathy, nor do I like having my knuckles bashed (not good for the playing of the instruments and such) But please, enjoy!

I, like the view said...

shot :-)

mel I'm betting you knew about conkers. . .