no, not that kind of nail. . . and I didn't say Niles, either. . .
but while we're on the subject,
we could linger a little longer. . .

(personally, I'd wax him from top to toe -
I'm not keen on body hair)
I have a love hate affair with my nails
one of my earliest memories is my mother painting them with some kind of disgusting liquid (bitter aloes possibly?) to try and discourage me from biting them - I can remember washing it off straight away. . ..
I always used to bite my nails*; right down to the quick; very ugly; the first time I made a totally conscious effort and tried really really hard not to bite them, and actually "grow" them, was for my wedding - and for some reason I nibbled them straight off again afterwards. . .
if ever I do manage not to bite them, they just snap off anyhow - I managed to grow them over the last year or so, but for some reason bit them during the ECT; I've grown them again since, but they get covered in the ink from the Etching and cleaning them seems to weaken them and one or two are breaking
*of course I mean the nails on my hands
- I don't eat my toe nails!
that would be disgusting. . .
there was a point to all this, but I've forgotten it. . . so perhaps I'll just indulge myself a little longer. . .

(I'm far too easily pleased
- I need to learn to be fussier,
more demanding, more knowledgeable. . .
but right now,
a great smile makes me smile)

*happy sigh*
I hope there are
things in your day
that bring a smile
to your face. . .


KAZ said...

Nice foot.
Sorry to lower the tone - but I once read that there's money to be made by publishing your foot photo in a magazine for people who like that sort of thing.

Re Niles - an unusual passion.

I, like the view said...

there wasn't a tone, so can it be lowered?! perhaps there is now

and as for David Hyde Smith. . . unusual is my comfort zone when it comes to men


Mel said...

Okay,'s a GREAT smile!

Yaknow, I've never been a 'nail biting' person. Not anxious enough, I've been told. LOL

And I had painted fingernails maybe once in my life..and that was enough for me. I swear my fingers couldn't breathe!

And toe nails?
OMGosh.....the girl insisted on painting mine once....and stuck those spongey thingies between my toes. Well, she stuck SOME between the toes and had a grossed out mom stumblin' around the livingroom doing battle to yank 'em out. Laughing and giggling happened from her corner. *I* however, was NOT laughing...

It's a grand day already!
You've made me smile mulitple times--that's an excellent start.

Mig said...

I did exactly the same with the nails. And now I've got them almost grown up they're always breaking! Not fair :(

(Oh and my toes got photographed a while ago - by a doctor! I asked if they would end up in a text book and she said if they did she'd make sure they remained anonymous :)

Mig said...

And my niece used to bite her toenails - but she was very little so it was sort of sweet. I don't think she does it any more.

katherine. said...

nail biting....

something else I should learn about along with the stuttering...