life is too short to peel carrots

according to the side of a delivery lorry*
(*an Iceland delivery lorry)
I disagree - I happen to love peeling carrots, and potatoes, and sweet potatoes, and turnips; but then I love cooking and almost all things domestic (the exception being dusting)
if your life is too short to prepare a decent homecooked meal from fresh ingredients, doesn't that suggest you are slightly too busy for your own good? perhaps I am privileged enough to be able to afford fresh ingredients - perhaps I am lucky enough to have the time in a day to cook a meal from scratch - but surely these are some of the very basic points that an ordinary human existence might be grounded on
I feel sure that people without access to fresh food would love to peel vegetables if they had the option
shit -
I'm turning into a female version of Jamie Oliver!
I've cooked meals since I was 12 - my mother went back to work three days a week when I went to secondary school and it was my job to cook the family dinner, so that when she arrived home at six it was ready and on the table. . . I spent hours in the kitchen with her, learning all the little tricks and tips she'd picked up during her life; I can remember when I arrived at University I was one of the few students who could prepare a Sunday roast for anyone without a hangover from the night before who was hungry enough to eat at one o'clock and I didn't mind doing the washing-up afterwards either. . .
. . .perhaps that was the error of my ways
back to adverts on vehicles: my current favourite is one for Clavin Klein (an underwear brand) that has a guy with a delicious youthful body sporting some rather figure hugging jersey boxers - and I know I don't usually do "rude", but (having gone via Back To The Future) it makes me think of this:
then this:

we'll skip what happens next shall we? I could leave it to your imagination, but it's my blog and my imagination and I've ended up here (*sigh* if only!):

have a good day!

(weird how I segued
from peeling carrots
to a post-coital cuddle, eh)


Vicus Scurra said...

When I form my rock group, there is a very good chance that I will call it "Carrots and Coitus".

I, like the view said...

but had you thought of that before, or did I inspire you. . .

Vicus Scurra said...

You are my constant inspiration.

I, like the view said...

that's the second time you've made me blush this morning

Dave said... the actress said to the bishop.

Mel said...

<--shoulda stayed in the tent...LOL


Okay then!!

Interesting train of thoughts. I might not be able to face a carrot today. LOL

JUST sayin'....

Mel said...

And I took my stab at cooking at a young age.
Trust me when I say it's nothing that's improved with age. LOL

I have the bestest deal on the planet--himself does the cooking, I do the washing up while he makes the coffee.


BTW--No carrots were harmed during the making of dinner last night.
I felt compelled to make sure you knew that. ROFL!!

Rimshot said...

How odd, I was considering "Tubors and Tumors" for a band name...that, or perhaps "Feckin' Potatoes"

Donn Coppens said...

Is Peeling the Carrot slang for something over there?
As Bugs Bunny would say,
"What's UP Doc?"

KAZ said...

I'd rather have sex than carrots.
If it's all the same to you.

I, like the view said...

KAZ you go girl!

wish I had that option. . .

donnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nope (not that I'm aware of anyhow, goodness knows what it might translate to/from in TeenSpeak)

shot and just what kind of music would that band play, huh? (actually - perhaps I ought to have asked vicus that question too. . .)

mel that sounds like a very good deal from here - I'd gladly wash-up for a cup of coffee (glad you weren't in the tent - it made you laugh!) XXX

dave you are so cheeky. . .

katherine. said...

I'd want the reverse deal that Mel has...I'll cook if someone else does the cleaning up.

peeling carrots to post coital


laughing laughing laughing

Anonymous G said...

What an entirely amusing and scintillating thing to behold.

Sex and carrots.

There IS a connection, you know...?

Anonymous G said...

Mel's cooking, cleaning, and coffee scenario sounds terrific!

And home cooked meals, fresh ingredients...............

Back in the day when I was a mom with lots of time, I made dinners from scratch most every day...

Now, I only wish I had the time. and the resources.

Not that I don't prepare homecooked meals...they're just simple and quick.

(But tonight, hubby had leftovers and I ate a bowl of cereal)

(Hahahahahaha @ Mel's disclaimer about the harming of carrots! hahahahhaaaaaa!)

Gordie said...

Phew. For a moment there I thought you were turning into a Stepford Wife.

I think Kaz has a point. Although a carrot will never complain if you use more than one carrot in a salad.