Friday - again

funny how it comes around every seven days. . .
but just as well - because since last Friday and this, I have had the pleasure of eating something I will share with you:

black diamonds!

I had a lasagne, made with only fresh pasta, bechamel sauce (butter, flour and milk), wild mushrooms (as below) in the sauce, and a slice of black truffle (as above) on the top

the dish was very small in portion, very intense in flavour and very delicious

and while we're contemplating that, and the golden insides of a Crunchie (in the side bar), and the gorgeous fresh juiciness of shot's ripe apple (ditto), and the crunchiness (ha ha - crunchy, geddit?) and saltiness and butteryness of mel's popcorn (ditto) let's admire the fairy circle, shall we:

when I was a child I used to love the way these circles of what is effectively puff appeared in the lawn, but my parents - being serious types - would kick the poor blighters to kingdom come (we had an uncle, not a real one, the husband of a friend of my mother's, who was bald and my mother used to say it was because he ate Italian mushrooms whilst an Art Student - and I never knew why Italian mushrooms made your hair fall out)

have a good day
and, whatever you eat,
bon apetit!


Dave said...


Mig said...

I just ate smoked salmon trimmings and cream cheese on brown toast. Even though it was all Sainsbury's cheapest special offers it was really quite delicious :)

Truffle oil on salad! Scrummy.

(I'm envious - never eaten a real truffle :)

Rimshot said...

I had a stale bagel and some weak, thin coffee.

Mel said...

At this point--I'm just hoping to keep water down.....

TMI, huh.

Anonymous G said...

(i was just going to share that i just finished some leftover chicken divan (homemade last night) and a glass of very crappy chardonnay)

but instead...


oh, and happy Friday to you, ILTV

Dave said...