for mel

I'm camping out under the stars tonight, roasting my toes near the fire, gazing up to the heavens, snuggling up in my sleeping bag, listening to the noise of the wind rustling thru the trees in the silence and the crackle of the logs and branches and twigs as they turn into embers, cooking chestnuts in a pan and potatoes in their jackets in tin-foil, making some tea with the river water that I boiled (I always take some Twinings English Breakfast with me and decent sugar cubes, wherever I go)

once I would have wished for the man of my dreams to be with me

but I don't dream anymore

however, if anyone wants to come toast marhsmallows, I have a sack of them - and you're more than welcome


Rimshot said...

I wish I could come join you... *pouts*

Sorrow said...

bare toes warming by the crackling fire..
I brought chocolate too!

Mel said...


*waving happily and toting the sleeping bag*

Yes, please--marshmallows,on a forked stick.

<--had the foresight to bring graham crackers to make smores with. (knew SOMEone would be bringin' chocolate....LOL)

*happily setting up camp by the fire*

No ghostie stories, though...k?
Well, 'cept if they're stories of playful, FUN ghosties.


ziggi said...

Is it Bonfire Night already? Good lord the time does fly when you're having this much fun?

What are you doing outside in the rain?! Come in at once and get warm and dry! How many times have I got to tell you, you'll catch your death out there. And the Fire is Dangerous! No no no put that stick down, no not just one more on the fire, come in I tell you . . .

Dave said...

Mind your sleeping bag doesn't catch fire while you're roasting your toes.

I, like the view said...

dave thanks for your concern - I have a dislike for sleeping bags, so I had actually unzipped it and wrapped it around me like a duvet!

zigz Mini-Teen asked me the other day when Fireworks Night was - so I got her to repeat the rhyme. . . do you remember lighting rockets that were in milk bottles? and having to find a piece of fence to nail a Katherine Wheel to! one thing The Tower has is a good view, I have to admit, and when Londoners let off fireworks they look brilliant from here

not quite the same as when we were kids tho

mel fun ghostie stories is where it's at, methinks

sorrow glad you're enjoying it

shot stop pouting and join in the fun - what's your contribution then?!

Mel said...

Yup......I have no problem starting out in, feet first in the bag--but ya gotta know that won't last long. Then it's upside-down, inside out, zipped up, zipped down, worn like a cape and pulled over the head.

Oh, the things you can do with a sleepin' bag....

<-- bit of a wiggle worm, dontchaknow :-)

I, like the view said...

me too


Mig said...

Soup? May I bring soup? And home made bread?
And butter?

I, like the view said...

soup yes, but mel's not allowed bread right now (not wheat bread anyhow) - do you have any alternatives? some kind of rice crackery thing. . .

*goes off to consult recipe books*

(so glad you're with us tho dear mig!)(XXXXXX)

katherine. said...

my sleeping bag unzips from the top AND from the bottom cause I need to be able to get my feet out.


I know what a katherine wheel is that has spikey on a coat of arms...but what are you nailing up on to the fence?