what a difference

a day makes

it feels like I've shed a skin

I know exactly why I was so upset yesterday, and I also know that what I need to do is learn how to manage (not control, manage) a similar situation differently

and I need more rest, and probably to eat a little more consistently, and perhaps not to feel the need to do so much over at the house and not to get pissed off if The Nanny's not doing the chores

what's most important is that I'm there, calm, as positive as I can be, for my children - I don't need to be or prove anything other than that

that I'm there for them,
that I love them
and that I'm able to be loved by them

I sat down by the river again this evening - the wind has dropped, the tide was in, the water a gently mesmorising reflection of lights rippling together: the bright white lights on the bridge closest to the water, the yellow neon of the street lamps on the bridge, the dull lights in buses and cars crossing the bridge

it was quite hypnotic


thank you, dear reader, for being so kind to me yesterday when I was sad and wailing about it. . . I need to be able exorcise my fears and get them out of my head, and - as I'm sure you are aware - I do that here; and, also, I think sometimes it is ok to have a really really good sob, isn't it? and I so appreciated your lovely hugs; yesterday and the couple of days before that were pretty awful, and one of the lessons I've learnt is that you are my good good friend (which is a wonderful thing to have in a life) - I have friends! - and that I am still having crappy days. . .

. . .but that does not mean that everything is crappy

I just need to learn to manage the crap better

("just" being the operative word!)

but, most importantly, you are my friend

and of that, I'm very very very glad

thank you


Sorrow said...

so happy to read you have rested, and gained a little center and brighter perspective...
IDo care and YOU DO matter!
especially to me!
Be gentle with yourself!

Anonymous G said...

I wasn't here to give you a hug when you most needed it...

I'm so glad to see that today is brighter. You know you're cared for by so many friends.

...and from what I've been seeing, you're having far less un-crappy days than crappy ones!



Steg said...


*and hugs*

Dave said...


Gordie said...

Bless you.

Mel said...


Tune for the morning, yaknow!


You brighten up my day--you just do.

Donn Coppens said...

Im sorry that I wan't there for you yesterday...
but you always know where you can find me.
xx oo

ziggi said...

argh! I was there in spirit - hope you're still weathering the managing!



I, like the view said...

zigz thanks honey

donn thanks X

mel I know, wherever you are. . .

thank you, dearheart, thank you

(she's singin' about the old north wind that's been blowin'!)(oh! now I'm singing along with her)(thank you)(winter spring summer or fall)(ain't it good to know? yes)(thank you)(this is making me cry. . .)

gordie thank you :-)

dave :-)

steg smiles and hugs

g that is what I need to remember. . . (-:

sorrow I'm wearing your wonderful necklace :-)

Mig said...

Really really glad you're feeling better.
And that you're having a managing day :)
Lots of love

katherine. said...

this North Wind...is it the same one that sends Juliette Binoche ...and Mary Poppins?

sometimes we all need to learn how to manage the crap!

glad you got the rest...and recognize the other stuff...I am glad you can love your children and have them loving you....and I am glad to have you as a friend...


Mel said...

Well, goodness--I do hope it was a good batch of tears cuz it was sent in love dontchaknow!

(((((((( ILTV ))))))))))

k......that's it!
We need the bubble gun and the hose and a HUGE bubble wand that makes mammoth bubbles....and a bucket of sidewalk chalk! (or two..or THREE!!!!) :-)