so that just leaves us with the small matter*

of the tune for the day

which, quite naturally,
I'm sure you'll agree
has to be either this or this

take your pick!

(*but not anti-matter)


Malc said...

More Pie please

I, like the view said...

apple pie or humble pie?

(I knew that the world stopping revolving and spinning slowly down to die was a little girly, despite its relevance. . .)

I, like the view said...

(fab avatar!)

Rimshot said...

I'm not a huge fan of either tune. If it's all the same to you, I'll just hum some Sam Cooke quietly to myself over here in the clue corner.

I, like the view said...

the tunes were appropriate because one was about "the day I die" (as in if it all goes wrong at CERN) and the other about "the world revolving and spinning slowly down to die" (as in if it all goes wrong at CERN)

but - hey! I love Sam Cooke, and he sings about a wonderful world and not knowing much about algebra (which would be quite pertinent today, cos I never really understood physics so am very confused by this whole CERN thing anyhow, despite my weekly diet of New Scientist), so he could have made it into the selection really


and now I shall hum Sam Cooke as I fall asleep - what a wonderful gift to have given me! thanks


Mel said...

k.....I'm definitely going to bed now!!

I'vve had to backspace and fix this comment several times.


And that's without saying anything!
(go figure!!!)

I, like the view said...

see, perhaps a small black hole had appeared

in the blogger comments! how that wouldn't surprise me in the least



Gordie said...

Well, the world didn't end, so I posted one of Roger's poems to celebrate.

Mel said...

It was suppose to end?

Sheeeeeshhh......this is what I get for not reading newspapers or watching the news.
I coulda missed the ending of the world that didn't happen.....

mig bardsley said...

Yes, I'm with you Mel, I didn't hear about the world ending until after it hadn't.
It's the story of my life!
(late for everything even the world not ending :(