now please wash your hands

the bacon buttie revisited

this looked about right, mel, for The Brit - hope so!

(not forgetting the essential sauce, of course)

I rather liked the look of this one
(not that I really do bacon sarnies):

and my choice of sauce would be ketchup
(only Heinz)
dave, I'd find something else for you, but I fear
you'll just end up all sticky and messy again. . .


Steg said...

Cor! I'll have any or all of the above with whichever of the sauces is nearest!

*goes in search of food*

Dave said...

I don't think you should tell people about how I got sticky and messy. This is a family show, after all.

katherine. said...

no clue what HP sauce is....personally I am partial to mustard....

Mel said...

Do you KNOW what's in HP sauce?!


I'll have you know that Mr. Usebeforethesellbydate has had his bottle of HP for almost TWO YEARS....


But can he keep a carton of milk two hours PAST the sellby date?!


Mel said...

<--has rationalized this out to be 'wake up, wake up, WAKE UP' worthy.


Anonymous G said...

What's HP? Is it tomato-y? Is it like a steak sauce? (the American one being A-1)?

When I was a child, I put ketchup on EVERYthing.

I prefer mustard, too..But ketchup still has a place in my heart. ♥

(Heinz, of course!)

It all sounds rather icky right now, though, as I'm sipping coffee....

I, like the view said...

g HP sauce is kind of like a liquidised Branston Pickle

of course, that will mean nothing to you if you won't know what Branston Pickle is. . .

I like horseradish on a beef sandwich

and Branston Pickle on a cheddar cheese one

hmmmmmmmmmmm now I'm feeling kinda peckish!

mel you're not telling me you need an excuse to wake him up, surely. . .

I'm not sure HP Sauce goes off, does it? one thing I really detest is sour milk




especially when you don't realise it's gone sour and add it to your coffee


katherine I like mustard as long as it's the French wholegrain kind

can't stand Coleman's myself (altho I quite like the colour!)

dave family show?

steg hope you found some yummy grub!

katherine. said...

in my refrigerator i have been known to have eight to ten different kinds of mustard....from plain colemans to horseradish mustard to cranberry mustard. oh yum!

milk on the other hand...has to be consumed three or four days BEFORE the sell by date....and served ice cold. ICE COLD.

pickle sauce? like pureed relish?