meeting Joe Black

so last night I "babysat" my children in the new house, while XCH went out

he's still out and I got to sleep over, in my own bed

I brought a choice of films for us to watch, all snuggled up on the sofa: The Name of the Rose, Meet Joe Black and Wim Wender's Wings of Desire (in German, with subtitles); The Teen said that Greystoke was on one of the tv channels, but we settled on Meet Joe Black

altho The Teen said it was a "sappy" film, he made us pause while he went off at various stages (he's still not 100% recovered) and shouted at Mini-Teen to be quiet so he could listen to the dialogue when she started asking questions about the plot; Middle One was clearly bored (interested in neither Death, Taxes nor Love, at the tender age of twelve), but watched till the end anyhow. . .

part of me wonders if it's a little like my mother getting us to watch the annual Christmas showing of The Sound of Music


I bought some plants for the courtyard yesterday, to replace those that died while I wasn't here weeding, watering and dead-heading

I feel as if someone has weeded, watered and dead-headed me: all I need is some new compost and a larger tub and I'll take root and grow and flourish here. . .
only time will tell
have a good Sunday
and if the weather's nice
where you are
I hope you are able
to make the most
of the last of the
summer sun!


Rimshot said...


Anonymous G said...

And a Happy Good Sunday to you!

Your words are so sweet. I know that you can grow and flourish there. (Or anywhere, for that matter.)


Mel said...


Lookin' for a good excuse to watch that love scene again, eh?

What a treat for POVS and for you!

Baubles can be replaced--plants can be redone.
It'll shape up in no time! :-)

Mig said...

I would love to bring you some compost :)

(Actually I could bring you horrific amounts of compost - we have a HEAP!)