Love Heart Bingo: the results

(remember: they never lie)

(however, I, personally, have no idea to whom the Love Heart refers when I pick it out for you) (got that?!)

steg: Love Bug (ha!!)
mel: It's All Yours
The Brit (yeah, he's playin' too!): Hug Me
shot: My Boy
mig: For Keeps
vicus: Kiss Me (I'm not kidding you, these are totally random as played by the rules)
KAZ: Sugar Lips
ziggi: My Angel
gordie: Sugar Lips (yes, there are multiples of some sweets, I used two packets you see)
anon g: Miss Me
malc: My Girl
dinahmow: My Angel
sorrow: Hug Me
donnnnn: Sweet Heart
katherine: Looking Good
silver solo: Say Yes

*takes deep breath*
*takes stock*

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I'm going to have to think (quite hard) (I mean think quite hard, not that thinking is quite hard) (altho sometimes it still is) about this a little, before I try to decipher it. . . remember, I do not know who your Love Heart refers to in your life. . .


apparently I've forgotten someone!
how remiss of me -
please accept my humble apologies

(*opens new packet of Love Hearts*)

if it's The Beep, your sweetie is Miss Me;
if it's tpwh♥ml, your sweetie is It's All Yours. . .


Steg said...

*rolls eyes at "love bug"*


I, like the view said...

honestly - it's totally random!! I'd play a second time, to see what came out for you - only I've just eaten them all!


I, like the view said...

(you must vote on the poll now)(please)

Steg said...

Voted, as requested!

Your wish is my command, milady :-)

Vicus Scurra said...

You told me you weren't filming us!

I, like the view said...

I wasn't. . .

. . .the cameraman didn't turn his equipment off

anyhow, I thought I asked you to wash your hair? and I do hope you've denitted it recently


Vicus Scurra said...

"didn't turn his equipment off".
You are very naughty

Rimshot said...


quietly slips over to the clue corner, begins humming Queen songs.

I, like the view said...

shot I knew the camping option would come in useful. . .

vicus I am, but don't tell anyone - it's a very well-kept secret

Mel said...


*frowning and studying the results*


I might haffta go hum along with Shot.....LOL

Though, I will let himself know that he's won the 'hug me' candy.
I think. that not how the game goes...

I like Queen!
I could definitely listen to some Queen on a Friday evening....

ziggi said...

Jax! Vicus!
I say!

I, like the view said...

if only. . .



(me 'n' vicus, an item. . . tra la la la la)


I don't play with other women's toys*


it hurts too much when you get burnt


I, like the view said...

(* I learnt the very hard way)

katherine. said...

looks down...old in the raggmopp style...oh yeah this looks good. ha.

I say that too:
"I don't slow dance with strangers
I don't sleep with my friends...
and I don't play with things that belong to other women."

Mel said...


You can play with my moon sand and sidewalk chalk and etch a sketch and bubble gun AND my brand spankin' new Snoopy Halloween colouring book if'n ya wanna.....


mig bardsley said...

I missed the vote!!!!
But it was yes.

Katherine's list - I did all those things. Once only. Never got caught/punished, realised the errors of my ways each time and promised myself, never again.
Lucky, me. Just lucky.