late summer sun

heat haze over the river

a dwindling dazzling ribbon of shining sparkling light

tide pools gradually emerging from sand banks and shingle

banks and water busy with bobbing seagulls, ducking cormorants, serene swans, playful pigeons and a lone patient heron

people rowing (the in boats kind of rowing, not the arguing kind), their coaches' voices piercing the white noised background silence with a muffled megaphoned command, their oars dipping in and out of the water creating pools and ripples in the otherwise glassy sheen of the Thames

later, the tide turns once more - as it is wont to do

the scarred banks recede as the volume of water increases; the pigeons have flown to some other place, I know not where; the seagulls and swan float upstream; the sun - stronger now and higher in the sky, still beats down out in its autumnal fashion; the air is filled with the pealing of church bells above the blur of the traffic, the screams and shouts of children playing on the piazza (as full now with people as the river banks were with birds only a few hours ago) down below. . .

it looks like it might be another
beautiful early autumn day

wherever you are
I hope you have one


Mel said...

I'm hoping for an Indian Summer kinda day....

The trees are turning colour.

It's started....

I do like the view from your eyes.

Mel said...

Oh! Happy Sunday!!

I, like the view said...

happy sunday mel


katherine. said...

that was lovely.

Anonymous G said...

What a lovely description...

Here? H.O.T. with a very light breeze that is almost comfortable in the shade.

Autumn, if we're lucky, will come in late November, early December. Our seasons are fleeting, if at all, around here.

So, I really cherish when we have "weather".

I, like the view said...

thanks g - it was the most beautiful day, more like summer than autumn really (altho being in the shade was a give-away, as the air was cool)

thanks katherine - I don't think I did it justice, but if I managed to convey a tenth of how lovely it was, that's good. . . it was so lovely today

Mel said...

Awwwwww.....I'm so glad the day was lovely for you!

Rather nice here--cept for the cloud cover.....and the fog.....and the chilliness..... really wasn't a 'bad' deal....LOL