I've just watched the most beautiful dawn

the sky was streaked with long thin clouds stretching north to south, those in the west sky blue pink, the nearer to the east were edged with gold

when the sun came up it was red, it was huge as it emerged from the skyline

it's risen up now, it's hiding behind the clouds which are now grey - altho the sky behind them is orange on the horizon in the east, pale yellow just above that and deepening to bright blue above me as I watch

the sun isn't high enough to have a reflection in the river, which is full from bank to bank, so that is a wide ribbon of grey below me: there are two swans swimming slowly against the current
(an hour later)
there are now eight swans
swimming against the current. . .


ziggi said...

I should be at work but I really don't feel like it :-(

I shall be late now so then that will be even worse . . .

can I stay here and play instead? :-)

I, like the view said...

please do! perhaps we could go for a coffee together and have a natter? or you could teach me to ride - or I could be healpful and muck out the stables for you. . .

Steg said...

Ah dawn! The promise of a new day.

"Awake! For morning, in a bower of light,
Has cast the stone that put the stars to flight."

Or something like that....

Mel said...

<--gathering blankie to go watch the sunrise

I'll hope to get an equally awesome show.....minus the swans, sadly....but--

Rimshot said...

Six silver swans swam silently seaward.

Anonymous G said...

A beautiful sunrise - or any sunrise for that matter - can't help itself but give one a sense of hope.

Your sunrise sounds as though it was magnificent!


it's early evening here. maybe i'll catch the sunset!

oh, and the MOONset has been ever so lovely the past few evenings!

mig bardsley said...

Well I missed all that so it's lovely to read about it here.
What a view :)
Magic :)
xxx thank you.