ILTV goes out

yesterday I went to my first Art Class at the local School of Art and Design

today I have another

yesterday was "Life Drawing" (which involves nude people) (nude is so much more subtle than naked, don't you think) (or starkers, for that matter)

today is "Printing and Etching" (and yes, go on - you can't resist, can you - I'll be able to invite someone up to see them at some stage)

I want to tell you about the classes and my experience of them, but yesterday I left a little late and rushed and arrived in a hot sticky nervous bundle total unprepared and today I think I need to get there in time and if I sit and do this I'll be late

so I need to focus

(one of the reasons I'm taking the classes is to see if I can still function as a normal person, so this is important) (the focusing and getting places on time, without having a panic attack about it) (or just giving up and not going at all)

so I'll be disciplined and won't do this here and now, but will go get ready (yes - coffee and fags) (oh, and perhaps clothes too) and come back later

I hope you have a
good morning
with some interesting
or enjoyable
things in it. . .


Rimshot said...

Come now, don't keep me in suspense. What did you wear to class?

Mel said...

Discipline and routine.

Good things!

You......are a part of mine. So VERY good things!

Happy etching.
And yup...LOL...wanna see!!!!

Sorrow said...

Oh do have fun!

mig bardsley said...

Well I've read the post above so I know you wore at least one clothe :)
Sounds as though the functioning was excellent.
Can't wait and am hoping very much to see prints and subtle nudes.

katherine. said...

my routine and discipline seem to have left me..