the hummingbird

the sunlight speaks; and its voice is a bird:
it glitters half-guessed half-seen half-heard
above the flower bed; over the lawn. . .
a flashing dip and it is gone
and all it lends to the eye is this
a sunbeam giving the air a kiss


Mel said...


This from a woman who spent bits and pieces of her day attempting to capture Erica and Phoebe on digital...

yup....absolutely perfect!

I, like the view said...

ooooh, I'll check up with you later (gotta make a coffee first - go figure) to see if there was success and if you shared it with us!


Mel said...

There was and I did!

AND we sat on the patio this evening and had a repeat battle!


Silly Phoebe just will NOT share for love nor money....

Silver Solo said...

yesterday a hummingbird landed on my little statue on the table in front of me. i said to my brother.. it's a good sign. it's a good sign.

Mig said...

I have to find out about Erica and Phoebe :)