heat haze

the view is shades of grey and green and bright light today

a strange ethereal mix of sunlight reflecting in the silver ribbon of the dwindling river as the tide recedes and glittering and sparkling on the windows and rooves of the buildings, the cityscape layer after layer of misty greys - punctuated only by the various greens of the trees
the seagulls, bobbles of white in the mirror-like surface of The Thames, swim against the downstream movement of the water, black cormorants dip in and out of the surface, the stalking heron picks in and out of the tide pools appearing on the shingle
the background noise of the traffic on the bridge - the occasional siren of a police car piercing thru the audible gloom - a tube train rattles across the railway bridge - a child cries out from way down below on the piazza
four swans this morning and one cygnet
there is no breeze and the surface of the water is flat as it flows away beneath me


Rimshot said...

Good morning (or time zone appropriate greeting)!

( ( ( ( ( ( View ) ) ) ) ) )

Hope your (and all who read this) day is glorious.

Dave said...

Just a quick wave, as I plough through a week's accumulated reading.

katherine. said...

I need to go sit someplace and take it all in like this...

watching it all with coffee I hope...smile.

Gordie said...

I like it when you say 'rooves'.

Mel said...

*sigh* What a beautiful picture you painted.

Of course, I said that this morning before the Moof monster ate my comment.


Mig said...

I love to hear about these things.
Thank you for the attention you pay to the world around you.