"from the home"

(Italian for "on the house")

I've just been given a free coffee, by the maitre d' of the coffee place I go to. . . it's a place where they don't do loyalty cards and I maybe guess I've "earned" it

or perhaps he was just being friendly

can't cost much, can it - a coffee? really, if you think about it. . .
I've been thinking about CERN a lot; reading; including one article about how it is the Stonehenge of our age, which I thought was perhaps the most interesting concept that my head could get itself around in trying to understand and make sense of the time, money and effort put into (and makes more sense to me, possibly, than that of the Cerne Abbas man's nether regions that I was considering the other day): is it a good thing? can we afford NOT to do it? that's a bit of a redundant question, because it's done now - thousands of people working for years and years to put their ideas and vision into practise. . . and they managed to have the first particle go all the way around without having to adjust the magnets (which makes up for all the mistakes, errors, minor faults and corrections made thus far); they must be overjoyed

one of the few people who still keeps in touch with me texted today to say that her father had just died - he lives/d in the states, she couldn't afford to go visit him when he was ill this summer; if she had had the air-fare, she couldn't have afforded the time to visit because it would mean not working and she needed the job she had. . .
what price do we put on these things?
money and time. . .

. . .sometimes there are other costs

I know the price of my not seeing my father is my sanity (what is left of it)

and I know the price I paid by missing my mother's death, due to him


the sun has broken thru the clouds this afternoon, a lovely end to the day


Mel said...

The sun broke through..and there was coffee 'on the house'.

I'm sad for your friends loss.

And then..'At what cost', you asked.
I wish I didn't know....but I do...

Rimshot said...

I've been flooded into my condominium complex! :-(

Ironically, I heard Johnny Cash's "Five Feet High and Rising" earlier.

ziggi said...

Morning Sunday

ziggi said...

I don't know how you value valubleness - (is that a word?)

I, like the view said...

it is now zigz it's on the net! I don't either, how would you measure it? perhaps it's a feeling in the pit of your stomach or in your chest. . . or how the thought feels in your head

shot hope you're not on the ground floor. . .

mel you know the cost, huh


Steg said...

I hope the sun always breaks through clouds for you, sweet.

I, like the view said...

thanks honey, and that is my thought for you too


katherine. said...

just sending warm thoughts

mig bardsley said...

People qote the amounts of money spent on CERN as they always do when they want to say there are more important things to be done.
The thing is, the more important things cannot be done with money. Not really.

I'm sad for your friend.

And (((((((((( you )))))))))))
Having to count the real costs of things is hard.