the view from the tower

last night at eleven thirty I saw
the most spectacular lightning storm over south London
- flashes and sparks in the sky
sheet lightning
horizontal lightning
. vertical lightning
today at lunchtime
there was the most wonderful thunderstorm
with rain so thick
you could barely see the other side of the river
. but you could hear the splashes!

this afternoon there were
clear blue skies and the sun beamed down

and right now I'm looking at a rainbow,
which is hovering just above The London Eye


nature and weather are stunning, eh


katherine. said...

nature and weather are stunning indeed.

I, like the view said...


mig bardsley said...

Oh!!!! Wow!!!!
How too wonderful for words :)
(We saw a bit of an electrical storm from the garden of a pub in the middle of nowhere but nothing so spectacular :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, literally! And I love that shot of the London Eye.

Mel said...



Thinkin' I coulda watched and listened and smelled that storm and loved every minute of it.

Yup....SOUNDS stunning!