I worked out how to use the televisual machine. . .
this involved plugging the plug of the machine into a nearby electrical socket, flicking the switch of the socket to provide power to the machine, finding the switch on the machine (it was hidden underneath the screen, took me ages to discover it) that turns the whole thing on, working out which of the four remote controls adjacent to the televisual machine actually controls its function (we'll call it "box" for short, shall we) (eventually I decided it was probably the remote control that was the same brand as the "box"), finding batteries for said remote control, putting them into the back of the remote control, taking them out again and putting them in the right way around, working out which of the buttons on the remote control actually controls the "box"
eventually, I watched about two hours worth of programming, the first two hours of television I have watched in over eight weeks
the best bits were the commercial breaks (the best of which was one with people trampolining, and another one about a man who cycled around the world) (neither of which commercials were selling either trampolining or cycling) (I'm sure it's more about brand awareness than advertising, anyhow. . . the cycling one had something to do with my Orange Internet Everywhere thingy; the trampolining was someething to do with either a car or a bank)
tomorrow I might investigate the DVD machine (on the other hand, I might not)


'Shot said...

"finding batteries for said remote control, putting them into the back of the remote control, taking them out again and putting them in the right way around"

I'm laughing WITH... not AT.

katherine. said...

what a productive day you've had.


I, like the view said...

it was hysterical!

I mean, how difficult can it be. . .

proved far too tricky for me, initially; but I persevered (I mean a ten-year-old can do, so why not I?)

the thing is, I have two DVDs I want to watch, one about the artist Andy Goldsworthy and and one about The Penguin Cafe Orchestra - so my motivation is HIGH

even if my technological skills don't quite make it

do I want to text XCH who is on his hols with the POVS and admit defeat and ask for help (therefore managing to achieve the objective within a far shorter timeframe, whilst losing my sense of coping?)(but it's OK to ask for advice, eh?)

Z said...

The whole TV thing drives me to distraction nowadays. Even when you more or less understand your own setup, if you have occasion to switch on the television in another house you have to work it out all over again. My husband has given up. He no longer watches television unless someone is around to turn it on for him.

I, like the view said...

I wish I had someone around to master it for me!

whatever happened to a box with dials you could twiddle and it did what it was told?

Mel said...

k....this is part of why the television is just a thing that takes up space in the livingroom.

I don't watch the darn thing. Couldn't even if I wanted to. LOL Maybe I've got the batteries in wrong way up?! Doubtful.....I'm pretty convinced it's my relationship with all things connected to television in general.
That'd include the DVD player, the CD player and some other fancy, schmancy box deal that himself makes work with relative ease.

He assures me it's all just me and my mental 'block'.
Could be! LOL I'm not particularly interested in things that demand more than 30 minutes straight of 'sit here and be very quiet'.
Yeah, right. LOL

mig bardsley said...

I declined to have anything to with the TV, all its little boxes and any of its remotes as soon as all six of them appeared in our house.
If I ask nicely, Barney will try and find me a channel I want to watch (especially if he thinks it's good for me) and then I can enjoy watching him struggle with technology.
(In my opinion all TV's should come equipped with a small, fold-up child. Or a small, fold-up, consenting adult.)