this morning

I am listening to The Penguin Cafe Orchestra

(yes! I worked out how to use the stereo CD player music thingy!)
my favourite tune of The Penguin Cafe Orchestra*
is from the album Signs of Life
and is called Bean Fields

but it's not on uTube - sadly - so you'll have to buy the album
(follow the link to their site above)
if you're interested
it's a worthwhile spend!
but this one I love,
it is so sexy, quite orgasmic (IMHO)
- do play it -
if the images offend close your eyes
(we're only human)
whatever way,
I hope it will bring
a smile to your face
*I first heard the music of the PCO in a bar called The Pelican Cafe, so of course I had to like it - pengiuns and pelicans being close to my heart. . . (but not as close as whooping cranes)
POST SCRIPT a safe video for dave to watch in the library


Dave said...

Unortunately I can't gete everyone in the library to close their eyes every time I visit your site, so I have to hurridly move on whenever you put up rude images.

And no, I can't afford £30 dongles or the like. On my pension I shall barely be able to afford bread and water.

I, like the view said...

oh dave


shall I send you some seeds to plant in your garden, so you can grow your own food? (I'm not kidding - how can I help?)


Dave said...

I am certainly planning to grow vegetables and salad crops.

I, like the view said...

and I think you mentioned chickens too. . .

is there anything I can do? order you some raspberry canes or something? netting? rhubarb forcers?

I, like the view said...

come and spend a weekend in the autumn digging over your veg patch ready for the spring? (acutally, that's a good idea - you could have a moving in party for bloggers who'd like to help you out! we could all come and do some weeding or manure-ing or something)

I, like the view said...

(have a relly practical birthday party, instead of a silly one on the internet like you had last year)

Dave said...

I'm not allowed rhubarb (it causes stones). I do intend to put in some raspberry canes. Any blogger who wishes to visit to do some digging will be most welcome.

Mel said...

Ohhhhhhh..... :-)

Very nice, ma'am.

The music and the kindly offers of dirt digging.
Personally I like to play in dirt!

Ummmmmm....and I closed my eyes. LOL Boy, is the music brilliant though.

mig bardsley said...

I like the music and the images made me laugh :) And also made me think of the junk mail :)
Digging? I love a bit of digging. A very little bit, about half an hour. Well maybe about five minutes, I find digging makes time slow down and I get confused about how much I've done.