things I've never seen #1

I've never seen
ducks bump into one another -
you know, as people do sometimes
when walking along a pavement


Rimshot said...

good morning!

the ducks aren't constrained by the pavement or any lines painted on the ground.


I, like the view said...

and good morning too you sir!

I knew someone would come up with an answer to that one; thanking you


(not that you're a "someone")

mig bardsley said...

Good morning to you both!
I've seen ducklings falling over each other trying to get up the same bit of bank. Not quite the same thing I suppose. Since they're always trying to go in the same direction I haven't seen any full frontal collisions!

wonderful to have you back :)

Mel said...

<--likes rim's answer

I've seen the babies walking over each other and bumping into each other trying to stay up with the mama duck when she decides to exit stage left they're suddenly figuring out they're being asked to waddle along.

What a great word!
Waddle, waddle, waddle.

Quack quack, waddle waddle.

I'm gonna be saying that all day long now.

<-- sipping coffee and happily enjoying the view

Gordie said...

So he went with a quack, with a waddle and a quack, in a flurry of eiderdown...

(((Danny Kaye)))