So we had to say goodbye
For the summer
aby, I promised you this:
I'd send you all my love,
Every day, in a letter
Sealed with a kiss. . .

It was gonna be a cold, lonely summer
And I felt the emptyness:
So I sent you all my
Every day, in a letter
Sealed with a kiss. . .

I'll see you in the sunlight
I'll hear your voice everywhere
I'll run to tenderly hold you
But baby, you won't be there. . .

I didn't wanna say goodbye, for the summer
Knowing the loneliness:
So I took a pledge to meet in September
sealed it with a kiss. . .
Sealed it with a kiss. . .
Sealed it with a kiss . . .


Vicus Scurra said...

She's back! She's back! It's the same one!

I, like the view said...

yup, it seems that there's no getting rid of me and my hugs and kisses and my varied and various "loony" tunes at the moment. . .




Mel said...


You kissed vicus.


The poor fella will NEVER be the same.

Rimshot said...

lucky Vicus!

I, like the view said...

actually, I think he was comparing me to Dale Winton; I quote his correspondance with Aunty Beeb:

"He's back. It's the same one!"


mig bardsley said...

Well it's the (you're the) one we all love and have been missing!

Hooray! you're back :)

((((((((( I ))))))))))))

Mel said...

Egads, you kissed vicus AND you got an award for it?

Holy moly....

Gordie said...

You go ahead and kiss who you want. You'll be better off for it. I kissed a girl, and I liked it!