if a picture paints a thousand words
then why can't I paint you?
the words will never show
the you I've come to know
if a face could launch a thousand ships
then where am I to go?
there's no one home but you -
and now you've left me, too
and when my love for life is running dry
you come and pour yourself on me
if a man could be two places at one time
I'd be with you
tomorrow and today
beside you all the way
if the world should stop revolving
spinning slowly down to die

I'd spend the end with you
and when the world was through.
then, one by one,
the stars would all go out. . .
. . .and you and I,
would simply fly away. . .


Dave said...

Sorry I wasn't here yesterday. the Chinese locked me out of my own blog, so I couldn't get to my blog-roll to find my friends. Sobs.

Gordie said...

There was a really good documentary about Carla Lane on the BBC last night. I never realised that the Boswell family (from Bread) were originally in the Liver Birds.

Mel said...


It's a beautifully sad song. I musta played that suck a bazillion times, over and over and over again.....

Anonymous G said...

Another beautiful, sad (it might be filed under sappy, but i don't think so) song....

thanks. again. for the memory.

mig bardsley said...

Well I should think not! *no apologies* :) It's a lovely song.

Otherwise, I suddenly wondered how Escher drew his right hand. Was he ambidextrous? Or did he use a mirror?