"it matters. . ."

. . .there was a boy on a beach

the beach was littered with starfish - there had been a tropical storm and they had been cast up from their safe lodgings under the sea and thrown high up onto the sand by the vicious waves and the tide had gone out and they were beached
hundreds of them
hundreds and hundreds of starfish
the boy picked one up and threw it back into the water
the boy picked up a second and threw it back into the water
there was an old man on the beach watching the boy amongst the hundreds and hundreds of forlorn, out-of-place, slowly-dying-in-the-heat-of-the-sun starfish
the boy picked up a third and threw it back into the water
the old man said "what are you wasting your time for? there are hundreds of starfish on this beach - what do you think you can achieve? what does it matter?"
the boy picked up a fourth starfish and as he threw it back into the very depths of the ocean, he glanced over his shoulder, at the old man and said "it matters to this one"


Anonymous G said...

Good, good, really good story.

And, again, the perfect picture to go along with it!

mig bardsley said...

I shall print this and keep it somewhere safe. If that's ok :)
It's great.

'Shot said...

you left out the bit where the starfish organize and develop weapons and launch an attack on the land-people.

katherine. said...

..and it mattered to the boy....

Mel said...


It just plain matters.


(((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))))


I, like the view, still said...



Gordie said...

And friends, this is a true story.
I know, because I was that starfish.

Oh boy, do you matter right now!

Mel said...

......yup....a good cuppa coffee and a few starfishies to keep ya company in life.....

It's all good!

mig bardsley said...

Oh it's there now!

Sorrow said...

I am with Mig, gonna print this one and keep it somewhere to read again...

Mel said...

.......and again and again and again..

And live it some more--cuz you do live it....

((((((( Sorrow ))))))))

(((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

((((((( katherine ))))))))))

((((((((((( Mig )))))))))))))
Oh...and let's not forget--



((((((((((( Steg ))))))))))))


((((((((Rim)))))))) (cuz!)


Awww heck-- Hugs all the way around!!!!!

(((((((((( everybody!! ))))))))))))

katherine. said...

hmmmmmmmm......back at ya...