"I'm half crazy, all for the love of you"

there is a garden here, where I smoke
depending on my mood, or the weather, I sit in different places in the garden
this morning the sun is very bright and strong and sat in my "it's sunny this morning, I'm feeling 50%+" place and bathed in its warmth

it felt good! I had to close my eyes, such was the sun's strength. . .
I also sit there in the "50%+/not raining" evenings and a little mouse comes out to nibble away at the weeds and seeds - s/he is a tiny field mouse, and because I sit so still s/he doesn't know I'm there and just goes about his/her business until someone else walks past on the path and then s/he freezes until s/he feels it is safe enough to run away; I digress

there is a small bush nearby, of some kind of daisy - marguerite or aster is as technical as I can get
not as pretty as the ordinary daisies you get in a lawn, but sweet none the less
and as I've been here I've watched the budding flowers open and bloom and fade, the petals drop and the dead heads shrivel. . .
there is no gardener. . .
. . .which means noone removes the dead heads
my mother was very big on gardening and one of the things she unknowingly taught me was that to keep your daisy bush flowering throughout the summer (and I know that applies to other plants too) you must snap off the dead heads; then the plant doesn't put its energy into making seeds, but will create a new flower
(of course, a seed for a wild plant is actually quite important, but we're talking cultivation, so we'll overlook that for the moment) (part of me wants to digress to phoenixes and ashes, but I'll resist that as well)
so, there I was, sitting in the sunshine, wondering how many more beautiful flowers that daisy plant would be able to produce, if only someone took the time to snap off the dead heads
are you
with me,
dear reader. . .


I, like the view, still said...

(if anyone says "no: I'm with the Woolwich" I might just cry)

mig bardsley said...

Oh! well it's just as well I'm too slow to have thought of saying that :)
I think I'm with you :)

Glad you have a garden to smoke in and a 50%+ place and very glad you got some sunshine. (It's shining here too.)

Love and hugs :)

'Shot said...

erm..woolwich? Is that like Woolworths?

And, yes...always with you, to the bitter end.

Anonymous G said...

Lovely picture, you sitting there in the garden. Sounds serene and smoky...errr...I mean Peaceful!!


maybe you could snap the dead heads?

I don't have a garden. But I do have potted flowering plants on my patio. (I own a townhome - no yard. But that's okay. I don't really have time to tend to a yard. But still, it would be nice...)

And a lime tree! It's growing its first lime!


I, like the view, still said...

dear all, I was attempting to be metaphorical about removing old growth in order to prompt new growth. . .


mig glad the sun is shining for you too


shot it's a banking company; here's hoping the end won't be so bitter as it might have been, eh?


anon I have been! patio sounds good, and lime tree with lime sounds glorious! when I was little I used to grow grapefruit plants from the pips in my Sunday breakfast half a grapefruit. . . small pots, small plants, small fruit - great fun (haven't thought of that for years - thanks for the prompt; so hope your stuff is settling down; a great big hug to you too


mig bardsley said...

Dearheart, when you are able to remove some old growth I imagine it'll be like the Giant's garden with cherry blossom and sunshine and warmth bursting out in the dead of winter.
And rainbows as the storms recede and small waterflowers blooming in streams where the ditches have been cleared and carpets of daisies and tiny bright flowers of all colours and wonderful, elegant,sparkling, intricate structures growing where the undergrowth was.
Oh, and in the centre, a great tree (of knowledge) bearing solemn dark fruits which are both bitter and sweet.

All this is of course merely conjecture based on what I've seen through the undergrowth (hedge of thorns?) in the last year or two.

Um, have I gone a bit over the top?

Hugs :)

Kelly said...

Thank you, as always your sharing is profound...

Having had the grim reaper shatter dreams, I'm enjoying the sun's warmth, allowing time for healing new growth and with acceptance comes peace.

Sometimes I sit and think, other times I just sit...

Dave said...

Perhaps you've got the time to keep the bushes in trim.

Anonymous said...

Boring old me!Putting on my gardener's hat I can tell you that your daisies look like Cosmos.(And I'm sure YOU will find a connection to chaos and maybe even beyond.)

How cute that you shared your quiet time with a wee, cow'rin' timorous beastie

katherine. said...

give me your answer do...