*happy sigh*: it's Friday

it's a help-your-self-
pic-n-mix today!
of course, there Crunchies in the side bar ---->
also lots of different kindsa popcorn
(including SALTED for ms mel,
cos we know she likes it that way!)

for ziggi, I tracked down some
chocolate elephants. . .
(last week zigz enquired about
chocolate-covered elephants,
but I didn't think she meant the real thing. . .)
(four legs, but not quite a horse, eh z baby!)

anyone with more savoury tastes?
how about some peanuts:


mig bardsley said...

Happy Friday :)

Gordie said...

4 legs so not quite a horse? I don't get it.
Happy Friday :) xxx

I, like the view, still said...

gordie drugged up typo, corrected now. . .


mig it is, hope it is for you, too


Dave said...

I think I might risk a few peanuts. thank you. Happy Friday to you.

KAZ said...

A Crunchie would be wonderful.
Any chance of a TWIX next week?

'Shot said...

Thank you very much for your kind offer, but I'm afraid I'll have to pass on the sweets/treats.

I simply MUST find a way to lose these pesky 45 lbs! Apparently, over-indulging and tendency to remain horizontal as often as possible is NOT how its done.

dinahmow said...

Saturday morning here so I'm having strong black coffee.Might have chocolate after lunch...

Anonymous said...

blogger signed me in as my old self. But I'm really my new self.

mig bardsley said...

Now it's the middle of thew night, can I have a crunchie please? I've been quite good today :)

I rather like the Herbie song :)

Anonymous G said...

Happy Friday to you!


TWIX? Yummeeeey

(mel's outta town. i'll munch on her popcorn...)

ziggi said...

I have come for my chocolate elephant and I see I have much catching up to do!

Mel said...

<--will happily share popcorn with G and with shot

AND....it's good for you!
(k.....that's my story and I'm stickin' to it...LOL)